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Now is the time to prepare for your next London job move

A Bank of England survey of their UK business contacts at the end of July concluded that the majority (over two thirds) of firms spoken with did not expect a short term impact from the Brexit result on their investment or staff hiring plans. Our own post Brexit experience is that companies are still hiring but client and candidate hesitancy is slowing our ability to fill some positions.

Why Languages will be even more in demand post Brexit

Recruiters struggle to fill roles requiring language skills

If however over the longer term it becomes more difficult or even less desirable for an EU citizen to come to the UK, it will be increasingly important that recruitment candidates for PA and Secretarial jobs in London should brush up on their language skills – this  is one thing which will go a long way toward supporting those European companies which are based in London.

Skills shortage hampering speed to fill London secretarial jobs

Skills Gap hindering UK Productivity

In March the British jobless rate came in at 5.1 percent in the three months to January of 2016, the same as in the previous two periods, staying at the lowest in nearly ten years. Whilst this is evidence of strong underlying demand in the jobs market, there are signs that a skills gap is developing, which is leading to Britain lagging behind other developed nations in terms of national productivity.

Clients advised to adapt their job offers to secure best PA candidates

Candidate input vital

One of the quickest ways to achieve this is to ask candidates at the start of the process to list the characteristics of their dream job and to incorporate them in the job description as your search continues - this will give you the best chance of tailoring the recruiting and closing process so that you can provide the candidates with the right decision making information to take the job.

Identify the right communication channels

"Are you ready with your elevator pitch?" ask London temp agencies

However, be careful not to abuse your position. You are there to fill a temporary requirement and your own needs should be placed secondary to that. Successes come from a temp focusing on doing such an outstanding job that they are approached by the employer, not the other way round. At that point, an interesting and befitting response is essential to be noticed and offered a permanent role.

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