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How to know what is important v what is urgent in your PA job

 Understanding your Urgent versus Important 


If you feel that every day is spent firefighting a new to do list then categorise your tasks according to the urgent-important matrix which Eisenhower used to identify which tasks he would spend time on. 

“What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” – Dwight Eisenhower


Ask yourself 2 questions when confronted with a new task:

Temp recruitment agencies advise on a successful ménage à trois

A  “Quickie” Relationship

Temp jobs by their very nature tend to be speedy affairs; companies have a last minute staffing requirement and need someone as quickly as possible to meet tight schedules and deadlines. They rely on their Temp recruitment agencies to fill their temp job roles promptly, up to five times faster than their permanent job roles.

A Blind Date in the office

Ditch the "To Do" list: How to be more efficient with less time

Ditching the "To Do" List
One of the top strategies from highly successful people is to ditch the "To Do" list. Yes, you heard right, throw away the long list of tasks many of us in busy PA jobs compile at the start of the working day. What was discovered in interviews was that successful people don’t write to do lists, they actually schedule these tasks minute by minute on their calendar to make sure they get done.