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What to do as a PA or Secretary if your boss suddenly resigns


While the skills of a good secretary or PA are transferable between industries, offices and in theory, bosses, in reality it is more often than not the chemistry between PA and boss which makes the role a success. When a PA is in tune with their boss, they can anticipate what they need before they need it, what meetings need to be scheduled, who they want to talk to and to a certain extent what decisions they are likely to make.


Can you get PA jobs in London with no experience? Yes you can!

When Lizzie called on RMS Recruitment, one of the leading recruitment agencies in London, to help her make her next career move, she had spent nine years working in Sports Marketing, including two years in Australia – not the obvious work experience that usually propels you to Personal Assistant to the Founder of a premium retail brand!

What was your first reaction to the proposal to interview for the job at The White Company?

Summer Survival tips for London’s office workers


No sooner have we packed away our winter woollies than we find ourselves fast approaching midsummer and taken completely unawares by the mini heatwaves which can be stifling in London. These heatwaves are short joyous affairs when Londoners seem to smile more and linger longer outside cafes and pubs. They are slightly tainted by the need to still go to work when we would rather be donning flip flops and shorts before heading for the nearest green space armed with little more than a pair of sunglasses and a good book. 


London temp agencies take a look at EQ and how it affects your job


EQ or emotional intelligence-what is it?

Generally speaking, EQ is a measure of how your behaviour can affect the way others around you view you and respond to you, as opposed to IQ which is a measure of your intellect, and is usually much the same at 15 as it is at 50. Most importantly there is not much, if anything, you can do to improve your IQ, whereas EQ is a flexible skill-set that can be learnt and improved with practice. EQ is a metric a lot of recruiters actually do look for in a potential candidate.


RMS Recruitment finds a robust market for Graduate PA Jobs in London

Graduates need to think beyond traditional career paths

Sometimes it seems that every time we pick up a magazine or newspaper it is only to read about how hard it is for graduates to find a job in the current climate. With more than 1 in 5 graduates out of work and 84 applicants for every job in London, the statistics can look pretty bleak at times. But there are still plenty of reasons for optimism and we’ll take a look at why the role of PA could be just the answer you’re looking for.

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