We have recently used RMS to fill two posts, a Receptionist who can also assist in Admin, and a School Secretary (maternity leave cover).

PA, Private Prep School


How personality rather than experience can land a top EA job in London

 What was your background before working as Executive Assistant at Clive Christian?

After graduating with a 2:1 BSc Hons in Exercise, Nutrition and Health from Oxford Brookes University, I temped for a year before working as an Executive Assistant and Events Co-coordinator at Centaur and Buy Time. These roles helped me to develop my organisational skills and become adept at prioritising and handling multiple deadlines.


What attracted you to working as a PA?

Recruitment agencies and the use of social media


Recruitment agencies also have online presences which they can use to advertise vacant positions, highlight their services to potential employers and offer advice and support to potential candidates. RMS Recruitment is no different with active Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts that allow us to post the latest PA and secretarial jobs in London as well as promoting our blog. We are excited to be launching an account on the latest social media craze, Snapchat.

The impact of Brexit on recruitment

As the dust settles following the EU referendum, questions are now being asked about the impact the UK’s eventual exit from the European Union will have on the recruitment industry.

Some have predicted a negative effect on recruitment following Britain’s decision to begin the process to leave the EU. There was a period of uncertainty leading up to the 23rd of June within the labour market and that period looks set to continue. 

Gender Parity: Imagine a day as a woman in a London PA job like this


Most of us are lucky enough not to experience this kind of gender disparity in our jobs but remember that this is the reality for many women across the globe. And we are still a long way from gender equality in the UK. While 69% of UK women enrol in tertiary education compared with 51% of men, women only occupy 35% of managerial roles compared with 65% of men and are paid only 68% of men’s salaries.

Unconscious bias at interview: what candidates for PA jobs should know

The answer: the surgeon is the boy’s mother. If you were one of the 40% of people who got this wrong, you can safely assume that the same unconscious bias may be operating at your interview for that PA job. The most common bias which is found in the workplace concerns gender, race and disability. Just ask black MP Dawn Butler how it felt to be told in the Westminster lift reserved for MPs that cleaners should use an alternative lift.