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Temp Recruitment Agencies: Reasons to Stay Available over the Holidays

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Published:13 November 2015

Making the most of the long holiday period coming up by ensuring you are available for work throughout the festive season will increase your chances of getting hired. Ultimately, Christmas and New Year are often busy times for companies and they need all hands on deck at times when permanent employees may be to taking some time off to be with family or friends. While you are taking part in the festivities, don’t forget to stay in touch with temp recruiting agencies in London.

Recruitment Agencies Reveal the Top Tips for Training New Employees

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Published:10 November 2015

Inductions to new jobs are intimidating both for employees and their new employer. On one hand, the experience should be enjoyable, welcoming newbies in with kindness and understanding. On the other, however, employers need to design stream-lined ways of transmitting necessary information so that candidates can work successfully as soon as possible.

Being stylish and professional this Autumn

Published:09 November 2015

As the weather is finally set to turn cooler, RMS Recruitment teams up with leading London style adviser and personal shopper, Hayley Richardson, to help our PAs and Secretaries stay smart in the office this Autumn.

RMS HayleyRichardson


RMS Recruitment is Using Social Media to Expand its Candidate Database

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Published:05 November 2015

According to Digital media and Social Media Forum, only 40 per cent of UK businesses use social media in their recruitment process. Compare that to the 87 per cent of recruiters in the US that include social media in their hiring strategy, the UK is lagging so far behind. Being one of the leading secretarial recruitment agencies in London, RMS Recruitment we recognise the potential of using social media in search for skilled candidates in order to meet today’s demands.

Your Job Hunt: How to Minimise Distractions and Stay Focused

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Published:02 November 2015

We all know about distractions in the work place, but what about the distractions we encounter when looking for that perfect PA or Secretarial Job? Faced with the prospect of spending a morning completing a job application, a basket full of ironing can seem an attractive proposition.  Follow our tips on how to stay focused on your job hunt and you’ll soon have the “nice” problem of minimising distractions in the work place rather than outside it.

 RMS Distractions


Support Staff and Secretarial Recruitment Booming among Companies

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Published:30 October 2015

Companies that strive for excellence and success will also need to invest in their future, and, according to a recent survey, one of the most worthwhile investments businesses can make is a top-notch permanent staff. As firm Robert Walters puts it, going for permanent staff is a “bellweather of market confidence” and delivers a good message for junior staff.

PA Recruitment Agencies Highlight the Importance of EQ for Success

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Published:27 October 2015

While it’s true that having a high IQ can open doors to more opportunities and better jobs, this is not enough to achieve success. What people, especially those looking for a job, should work on is improving their emotional intelligence. In fact, most experts see that the majority of people who are at the top of their game tend to have higher emotional intelligence than other people.

Is James Bond's Miss Moneypenny the Ultimate Secretary?

Published:25 October 2015

As Spectre launches this week, we ask whether Moneypennny is the ultimate Secretary? Moneypenny has been through various transformations during the Bond films and we welcome her latest reincarnation as kick-ass Secretary to M, played by Naomie Harris.

RMS Moneypenny

 These aspects of Moneypenny’s role certainly elevate it to Super Secretary in our view:

Temp Recruitment Agencies Share the Do’s and Don’ts on Work Selfies

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Published:23 October 2015

There’s no stopping the prevalence of selfies on social media, and the word itself has even warranted a space in the Oxford English Dictionary. Selfies are being taken on special occasions, from holidays, festivals and birthdays, to chance encounters with favourite celebrities. Even non-special and ordinary days are, for some people, the perfect opportunity to take the perfect selfie.

How Top Recruitment Agencies in London Address Skills Shortage Issues

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Published:21 October 2015

Several new sources have recently reported on the skills shortage problem Britain is currently experiencing. According to the study, the skills mismatch in Britain has only become worse each year since 2012. In fact, on the Hays Global Index, Britain scored 9.7 out of 10 on talent mismatch, which they claim to be among the worst in Europe. As employees find it hard to get jobs and employers have a hard time looking for the talent they need, how can the nation overcome this issue in the coming years? Top recruitment agencies in London like RMS Recruitment have the answer.

Recruitment Agencies offer advice on Apprenticeships and Internships

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Published:19 October 2015

Apprenticeships are making the headlines again this week as Sir Michael Wilshaw, Head of Ofsted, has spoken out against meaningless apprenticeships where the skills on offer are little more than making the coffee or sweeping the floor.

RMS TheApprentice

Unlike "The Apprentice" where the successful candidate works alongside Lord Sugar, Sir Michael fears that many apprenticeships are damaging vocational education and not delivering key skills required in the workplace. Meaningless apprenticeships only serve to perpetuate the widely held belief that vocational training is of less value than a university degree.

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