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Is Social Media fuelling an increase in Career FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?

Published:19 January 2016

Previously, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) seemed largely confined to our social lives rather than our careers but recent research by the CIPD reveals that Career FOMO is on the rise – we look at the reasons and how to avoid slipping into the trap of assuming our friends are advancing their careers faster than ourselves.


Top 2016 Trends in PA Jobs—Referrals Will Produce 50% of New Hires

Info Articles
Published:14 January 2016

Recruiting for PA jobs in London can be a challenging process. Companies strive to find the best candidate for the role, but in such a competitive economy, recruiters need to be savvy to succeed. Leading businesses like Google are now securing around fifty percent of their new hires via referrals. Benefits of referrals include increased speed of hire, less cost per hire and positive impact on diversity. With studies proving referral programmes commonly result in the best-quality candidates, highest volume hires and best retention rates, referrals are set to become a key trend in 2016.

"Sorry", but are your good manners holding you back in your PA job?

Published:12 January 2016

Do you punctuate your emails with qualifying phrases like, “I just wanted to…” or “Apologies for not getting back to you earlier” or “Sorry I can’t be of more help”?

If the answer is yes, then apologies in advance but we just wanted to alert you to a report this week that you may be subconsciously undermining your authority in the workplace as the phrases may cause others to doubt your ability. This symptom of “imposter syndrome” whereby women feel undeserving of their achievements, is a commonly reported phenomenon for women in the workplace and a well documented cause of lack of promotion and the gender pay gap. 

RMS Sorry

Take a different approach to the New Year “Rehab and Reform” mentality

Info Articles
Published:04 January 2016

So here we are at the start of another January when we are inundated with advice on new diets, new exercise programs and the latest mindfulness techniques, not to mention that urge to review our work situation and embark on a frenzy of new job applications. So before you rush to prepare 500 calorie meals using your new spiraliser while simultaneously balancing on your foam roller and reviewing job vacancies on the iPad, take a breath…….

RMS NewYear


A Step-by-Step Guide in Moving to New PA Jobs early in the New Year

Info Articles
Published:31 December 2015

It is common at this time of year, particularly for young, bright people who are seeking to improve their standing in life, to consider their job and the potential for a new position in the future. Take a look at this effective step-by-step guide for those who are looking for PA jobs, or any particular kind of job, across London. 

Graduates Unsure of Their Career Path can be Aided by Temp Agencies

Info Articles
Published:30 December 2015

With graduate numbers increasing year on year, from 17 percent in 1992 to 38 percent in 2013, reports suggest that graduates are panicking over available jobs  and making poor job decisions as a result.  Many graduates take the first job offered, only finding that it later does not suit them. Thus, most of them find themselves moving from one job to another, or worse, withdrawing from multiple job offers at the last minute. 

Key Recruiting Trends for 2016: Using Social Media and Other Channels

Info Articles
Published:29 December 2015

In today’s highly competitive field of secretarial agencies in London, both candidates and clients need to keep their eye on developing trends in the recruiting process. Being the first in the field to use an emerging tactic gives you an edge over competitors; conversely, not keeping up with the latest trends puts you at risk of using outdated methods. Here are some expert predictions for the trends that are likely to come to the fore in 2016.

Top Recruitment Agencies See Matchmaking as a Potential Game Changer

Info Articles
Published:28 December 2015

The online job market already involves a high level of social networking that works by using talent and professional background to find jobs for job seekers as well as identifying talented candidates for employers. It is matchmaking on a professional level enabled by the growth of social media.

Signing off for 2015 with a big "Thank you" to all our candidates and clients

Company Updates
Published:21 December 2015

As our candidates and clients start to head off for the festive break, RMS Recruitment would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for partnering with us in 2015. We can only be the top London recruitment agency we aspire to be by having the best candidates and clients in London. We firmly believe we do and are grateful for your loyalty!

Why Recruitment and HR staff are least likely to pull a Festive Sickie

Industry News
Published:15 December 2015

A whopping 66% of the nations’s employees will be working over the Christmas period with 1 in 3 working on Christmas Day itself, according to a recent survey. For some, the thought of missing out on the brussel sprouts proves too much and nearly 20% admitted to having pulled a festive sickie. Have you been tempted? The chances are that if you work in recruitment or HR, you have done the opposite and volunteered to cover for a colleague with a young family. 

RMS Recruitment Festive sickie

The Secretary and PA's Guide to the Office Secret Santa

Info Articles
Published:08 December 2015

Does your company embrace the office Secret Santa? Are you unsure whether to buy gifts for your colleagues and boss at Christmas? Either way, it can be a minefield, particularly for a new employee unsure of the company policy on gift giving.

Here are a few dos and don’ts to take the stress out of this season’s office Secret Santa and our Top Ten gifts under £10 to help London’s PAs and Secretaries choose an office appropriate gift, which will be memorable for the right reasons.

RMS SecretSanta

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