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Skills shortage hampering speed to fill London secretarial jobs

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Published:04 May 2016

RMS Secretarial Recruitment Agencies London Speed to Hire

Research by Total Jobs suggests that companies can take up to one month to find the right candidates for skilled roles including secretarial jobs. Secretarial recruitment agencies in London recommend a candidate led approach is essential for companies to speed up the hiring process. 

Is spelling, grammar and punctuation relevant to success in PA Jobs?

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Published:03 May 2016

RMS PA Jobs Spelling and Grammar

As thousands of parents keep their children away from primary school today in a protest against government imposed tests for 7 and 11 year olds in England, we are asking those in PA, Secretarial and Admin jobs in London to test their own spelling, grammar and punctuation to see how they fare in a sample of SATS tests designed for 11 year olds. How did you do? And do you think it’s important for your job? 

Why your incompetent colleagues think they’re great at their job

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Published:26 April 2016

Competence Hierarchy adapted from Noel Burch by Igor Kokcharov compressor

Do you have hapless colleagues who consistently underperform yet believe themselves to be supremely competent? Frustrating as it is, there is in fact scientific proof that the least skilled of us at a particular task are  more likely  to believe in our own aptitude to perform said task. This is best demonstrated in the delightful tale of McArthur Wheeler, a Pittsburgh bank robber who was astonished to be identified on CCTV footage as he sincerely believed that by smearing lemon juice on his face, he would be invisible to security cameras! Sad yet amusingly, true. 

Ditch the "To Do" list: How to be more efficient with less time

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Published:19 April 2016

RMS ToDoList

If the latest research is to be believed, as we age our ability to function at peak brain efficiency seriously declines if we work over a 40 hour week. It is even suggested that anyone over 40 should work an optimal 3 day week. Well, if only that were an option financially, we would happily concur with the research and reduce hours immediately.

As this is an unlikely option for the majority of the working population, how can we become more efficient in less time?

Top recruitment agencies ask: “Do longer hours mean greater output?”

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Published:12 April 2016

RMS 9to5

Like many London temp agencies, RMS Recruitment keep a close eye on the expectations for both candidates and clients when it comes to the hours worked. In 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes predicted that by the year 2030 the British population would be working a 15-hour week, and yet here we are working ever-longer hours it would seem; but does that mean greater productivity?

How to perfect your LinkedIn profile before searching for new PA jobs

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Published:04 April 2016

RMS LinkedIn

Many of us put off updating our social media profiles, too busy “consuming" social media to make the time to polish our online profiles. However, in the same way that you wouldn’t leave the house for an important job interview without perfecting your outfit, hair and makeup, no more should you even contemplate starting a job search without creating a “polished” online presence. This is more important on LinkedIn than on any other platform – here’s why!

Office Hunger Games: Does your office environment undermine your diet?

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Published:28 March 2016

RMS Office diets

Are you returning to the office today after a long weekend of  “Peak Chocolate”, smug in the knowledge that you are on one of your 500 calorie days of your 5:2 diet and that the lunch in your bag is a Deliciously Ella “Glowing Green" Juice, only to find that it’s your colleague’s birthday and a huge chocolate fudge cake is doing the rounds at morning coffee break? It may be harder to resist for those in PA and Secretarial Jobs than others: here’s why and our top tips on how to survive the office hunger games.

Clients advised to adapt their job offers to secure best PA candidates

Industry News
Published:26 March 2016

RMS JobOffers

Job acceptance criteria

In much the same way that candidates massage their CVs to suit a particular job, employers need to have a clear idea of what their top candidates will be expecting to see in a job offer. One of the first things to identify will be the necessary “job acceptance criteria”. Candidates who have multiple job offers on the table will have a very specific set of criteria that will determine whether or not they accept an offer, and the better you are at identifying those “deal-breakers” up front the better chance you have of securing the right candidate, according to top recruitment agencies in London.

RMS Recruitment advises how to turn a career gap into a CV positive

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Published:23 March 2016

RMS CareerGap


In an increasingly mobile workplace it is not unusual for candidates to have breaks on their CVs and for those looking for PA jobs in London, it is worth putting some effort into considering how best to present the time out.

Step into Spring: how to be stylish, professional and stay warm

Published:21 March 2016

RMS Recruitment is recruiting for the top PA and Secretarial Jobs in London. When you secure that top job, you will want to look your best in the new office and make sure your look is appropriate for the company. London Stylist Hayley Richardson shows us how this Spring. Read all the way to the bottom for the chance to win a free personal shopping session with Hayley!

Step into Spring: how to be stylish, professional and stay warm

RMS Hayley

"Are you ready with your elevator pitch?" ask London temp agencies

Industry News
Published:18 March 2016

RMS ElevatorPitch

You might reasonably ask “What is an elevator pitch when it’s at home?” Well as you probably guessed, there’s some good old Americanisation going on there, but if we were to call it a lift pitch it wouldn’t have quite the same impact would it?

So what are we talking about? Well in a nutshell the elevator pitch assumes that you get in the lift with your boss, or the boss of a company you’d love to work for, and you’ve got the time it takes to get to the top floor (say 30 secs to a minute) to sell yourself for that job you’re after.

Why an elevator pitch is even more important for temps

London temp agency, RMS Recruitment thinks a polished elevator pitch is essential for a temp looking to move to a permanent role within the same company.

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