We have been using RMS since July 2007 and they have already placed six successful candidates with us. I always find that they are helpful and efficient and the candidates they send are of the highest quality. We are always extremely impressed with the level of service we receive.

HR Manager, Executive Search firm, west end


Where do top recruitment agencies take their consultants in summer?

Published:04 July 2016

Guess where RMS Recruitment enjoyed oysters in St. Tropez and win your choice of John Lewis vouchers or a Gail's Bakery delivery!

 RMS Recruitment London St Tropez Pampellone Beach

Why Languages will be even more in demand post Brexit

Industry News
Published:02 July 2016

Post Brexit, European language skills may be in ever increasing demand as British companies wishing to do business with European customers may not be able to rely on employing EU candidates as easily as they have in the past. This is sure to shake things up a bit in the for the recruitment sector.

Even as top recruitment agencies in London may be worrying about a possible exodus of European companies, according to experts it seems unlikely that multinational companies will not want a base in London even if they have to move staff between their European offices.  

Top tips for a stress-free vacation from your Secretarial or PA job

Info Articles
Published:21 June 2016

RMS Recruitment Lonodn Out of Office

Are you the type of indispensable PA or Secretary who more than compensates for your 2 week summer holiday by doing so much extra work before departure, leaving you so exhausted from the additional hours, that you end up face down in a Margherita on your first night away?

If this sounds like you, follow our Top Tips for a stress-free vacation and leave the office on a high instead of ragged from the pre-departure work frenzy. 

Can you get PA jobs in London with no experience? Yes you can!

Info Articles
Published:19 June 2016

RMS Recruitment London PA Jobs Lizzie Burdge The White Company

That’s exactly what Lizzie Burdge did, Personal Assistant to Founder of The White Company, Chrissie Rucker MBE. And you can too by learning how to look beyond a job description, then market yourself on a winning combination of your personality and your skill set.

Be inspired by Lizzie’s story and see how it is indeed possible to be placed in top PA jobs with no direct experience.

Top 8 ways the LinkedIn purchase by Microsoft will help your PA job

Industry News
Published:15 June 2016

RMS Recruitment London Microsoft and LinkedIn


Microsoft was prepared to pay £18.5 billion for LinkedIn this week, which amounts to over £40 for every one of LinkedIn's 430 million members.  Why does Microsoft value your membership so highly? Because LinkedIn provides them with the biggest business social platform to increase your engagement with Microsoft products. If your individual membership is valued so highly, what can you expect to see in return? 

One of the leading London recruitment agencies, RMS Recruitment, explains how the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn may lead to technology which will help you be even more effective in your job (but you might need to really like technology to benefit!)

Summer Survival tips for London’s office workers

Info Articles
Published:07 June 2016

RMS Recruitment London Surviving Summer in the City

Are you struggling to survive the heat in the City? Wishing you didn’t have to work when we all know that the summer could be gone in the time it takes to queue for our Pret sandwich at lunchtime?  

Don’t worry – help is at hand from RMS Recruitment London with our best tips for a sizzling summer without the heat!

London temp agencies take a look at EQ and how it affects your job

Info Articles
Published:06 June 2016

RMS Recruitment London temp agencies EQ


Have you ever worried about your IQ? Fear not! EQ may be a far more important indicator of career success. As one of the leading temp recruitment agencies in London, RMS Recruitment looks at how emotional intelligence can help boost your prospects at work.

Recruitment agencies - Top 5 drivers for a positive hiring experience

Industry News
Published:05 June 2016

RMS Recruitment London Secretarial recruitment negative hiring

Respect the candidates you reject is the advice of leading secretarial recruitment agencies even if the candidate has fallen short of expectation during the hiring process. 66% of candidates share negative hiring experiences with family and friends and 27% would actively discourage others from applying*.

In a candidate driven market this is even more critical for companies as their preferred candidate may well turn them down in favour of a better offer.  When you consider that the best candidates are often hired within 10 days, companies need to ensure they treat all shortlisted candidates they see at interview as the person they may eventually recruit.

Companies recruiting for secretarial jobs in London need to ensure they treat candidates well throughout the hiring process and in particular at interview. Here are the 5 drivers for a positive hiring experience.

RMS Recruitment finds a robust market for Graduate PA Jobs in London

Info Articles
Published:02 June 2016

RMS Recruitment London PA Jobs for Graduates

As one of the top PA recruitment agencies in London we take a look at how to approach the graduate job market and how the Executive PA job could be the perfect springboard to a more senior position in a high-flying company.

London Recruitment agencies embrace an ageing workforce

Industry News
Published:01 June 2016

RMS Recruitment Agencies London Ageing workforce

Why older can be better!

With 30% of the UK workforce estimated to be over 50 by 2017, recruitment agencies need to adjust the way they view older candidates and top recruitment agencies in London are already reaping the benefits of hiring older candidates. They share their thoughts on how companies can best adapt to an ageing workforce.

It really is the HR and Recruiting issue of our time but there is good news for employers who are prepared to be open-minded and embrace the potential of a maturing demographic.  If 50 is the new 40, then 70 can most certainly be the new 60 - so listen up!

How to know what is important v what is urgent in your PA job

Info Articles
Published:31 May 2016


Do you often have your “to do “ list nicely planned out for the following day only to arrive at your PA job to find your manager has emailed you a plethora of new tasks which need action today? Does this derail your day and do you find yourself at the end with an even longer “to do” list? 


Don’t worry – we have the answer! Learn how to identify tasks in terms of what is important v what is urgent and plan your day accordingly to ensure that you are still on track to achieve your professional goals.

RMS Recruitment London PA Jobs Urgent v Important matrix

 Source: Hubspot Blog

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