"We have consistently used RMS in our recruitment of secretarial staff and have been extremely impressed with their highly efficient and professional service in supplying calibre and well qualified candidates.

Director, (Search & Selection)


RMS Recruitment - Christmas 2020

Published:17 December 2020

Merry Christmas from the RMS Team!

Raising a Toast to the Working Mums and Dads - We're Getting Through This!

Published:17 July 2020

One of our Associate Directors, Laura, attempting some lockdown yoga back in March

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed extra stresses and strains on all of us, and for working Mums and Dads it has introduced a whole new raft of parental guilts we didn’t even know existed before. As if we needed even more!! 

Personal Assistants in 2020: How Has Your Role Evolved?

Published:08 July 2020

Contemporary Personal AssistantsWorking life has changed beyond recognition in the last few months and we've been reaching out to our incredible candidates to understand more about the impact on the day to day realities of a Personal Assistant. Take a read of our findings on what the PA role looks like today. We would love to hear from you too! What are the changes to your PA duties, responsibilities and methods of working? 

PA recruitment during lockdown: a client and candidate's perspective

Published:18 June 2020

COVID-19 has impacted the UK job market across the board from corporate to creative industries, and while we have undoubtedly experienced a fall in new PA and support role vacancies since the beginning of lockdown in March, the last 6 weeks has brought about a welcome change and we have been busy recruiting for new roles as our clients adapt to the new norm of #remoteworking.

We have placed a handful of PA’s who have been successfully onboarded during the lockdown period from March to today, and the feedback has been remarkably positive. We interviewed one of our private equity clients as well as the PA we placed with them in April, to find out about how they managed the onboarding process remotely and their experience.

Introducing another of our inspiring candidates for international women's day!

Published:05 March 2020

Next up we’re celebrating the ultra-inspiring Nicole for International Women’s Day! This multi-talented lady has been a joy to work with from start to finish and as a high level EA, the owner of her own Equestrian events business, and a single mum, she always manages to make the unmanageable look effortless!

The best thing about this job is the wealth of brilliant women we work with every day.

Nicole Schneider, Founder, Organised Equestrian

Celebrating some of our exceptional candidates for International Women’s Day

Published:03 March 2020

In awe of some of our exceptional candidates, RMS Recruitment is celebrating International Women’s Day this Sunday 8th March by featuring a few of the candidates that have gone far and beyond their job specification.

First up is Selina, who came to see us in 2007 looking for a stepping stone to greater things: RMS placed her at Winch Design as a Junior Designer and we were very proud of her promotion to Partner in June 2018. Her creativity is still winning Winch business 13 years later!

Selina McCabe, Partner at Winch Design

Boster Group employs RMS Recruitment for top Executive Assistant role

Published:03 November 2016

When independent consultancy Boster Group needed a top flight Executive Assistant to work for their Managing Director, Senior Account Executive Catriona Tyrwhitt knew just who to contact to help them recruit for this high profile Executive Assistant and Office manager role. We asked Catriona to explain the process from a client’s perspective….

How personality rather than experience can land a top EA job in London

Published:07 September 2016

Charlotte Biss did not have years of experience working as an Executive Assistant when RMS Recruitment put her forward for a top EA job working for the CEO at luxury brand Clive Christian. What she did have was bags of personality, drive and transferrable skills which made her stand out from a more experienced field. Read Charlotte’s story and be inspired to strive for the top EA jobs in London. 

RMS Recruitment Charlotte Biss

Raising salaries the key to attracting top talent

Published:02 September 2016
Top secretarial candidates are currently experiencing the luxury of multiple lucrative job offers thanks to a shortage of high-calibre candidates that are available across the secretarial sector. In order to recruit the best talent, companies need to raise the salaries of secretarial and office support positions in order to become an attractive destination for candidates.

London Temp recruitment placements double post the Brexit vote.

Info Articles
Published:30 August 2016

RMS Recruitment has seen strong demand for temporary positions post the June vote and takes a look at the impact of Brexit on temp agencies in London.

 RMS Recruitment London Temporary Recruitment

Are you a graduate with work experience looking for a change of job?

Info Articles
Published:24 August 2016

According to Guardian Careers, one in five graduates apply for jobs that don’t match their interests and unsurprisingly, a quarter of all graduates then do a U-turn and leave their jobs within a year of starting.

If you graduated in the last couple of years but have found you are not in your ideal job, don’t worry, you are in a great position to profit from the current employment climate. Find out why and read our tips on how to make the move to a job you do want.

RMS Recruitment London PA Jobs for Graduates

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