"RMS has successfully filled every position we have given to them. They are very quick to respond and have a professional and friendly manner - a great team that work together to ensure their client's needs are met.

HR Director, Telecom (Communicatinons)


Boster Group employs RMS Recruitment for top Executive Assistant role

Published:03 November 2016

When independent consultancy Boster Group needed a top flight Executive Assistant to work for their Managing Director, Senior Account Executive Catriona Tyrwhitt knew just who to contact to help them recruit for this high profile Executive Assistant and Office manager role. We asked Catriona to explain the process from a client’s perspective….

How personality rather than experience can land a top EA job in London

Published:07 September 2016

Charlotte Biss did not have years of experience working as an Executive Assistant when RMS Recruitment put her forward for a top EA job working for the CEO at luxury brand Clive Christian. What she did have was bags of personality, drive and transferrable skills which made her stand out from a more experienced field. Read Charlotte’s story and be inspired to strive for the top EA jobs in London. 

RMS Recruitment Charlotte Biss

Raising salaries the key to attracting top talent

Published:02 September 2016
Top secretarial candidates are currently experiencing the luxury of multiple lucrative job offers thanks to a shortage of high-calibre candidates that are available across the secretarial sector. In order to recruit the best talent, companies need to raise the salaries of secretarial and office support positions in order to become an attractive destination for candidates.

London Temp recruitment placements double post the Brexit vote.

Info Articles
Published:30 August 2016

RMS Recruitment has seen strong demand for temporary positions post the June vote and takes a look at the impact of Brexit on temp agencies in London.

 RMS Recruitment London Temporary Recruitment

Are you a graduate with work experience looking for a change of job?

Info Articles
Published:24 August 2016

According to Guardian Careers, one in five graduates apply for jobs that don’t match their interests and unsurprisingly, a quarter of all graduates then do a U-turn and leave their jobs within a year of starting.

If you graduated in the last couple of years but have found you are not in your ideal job, don’t worry, you are in a great position to profit from the current employment climate. Find out why and read our tips on how to make the move to a job you do want.

RMS Recruitment London PA Jobs for Graduates

Fashion Designer PA proves Mums can work

Published:11 August 2016

It can be difficult to re-enter the workplace after an extended period of parental leave. RMS Recruitment can help you to find a flexible PA or secretarial position that allows you to fit your work around your home life.

Now is the time to prepare for your next London job move

Industry News
Published:10 August 2016

It was interesting to see the Guardian this week echo our recent article “PA Candidates are in Demand from Job Flurry Post Brexit” from 2 weeks ago. No-one thinks the post Brexit economic doldrums will last and many think the job hiring uncertainty immediately following the vote to leave was compounded by the traditional summer lull in activity at this time of year. The message is loud and clear – the falter in the jobs market is temporary and candidates who start doing the ground work now will have access to top jobs at some of the best companies who are hiring as usual. Find out why now is the time and how to prepare for your next London job move:

RMS Recruitment Dream Job

Recruitment agencies and the use of social media

Published:04 August 2016

Whether you’re a social media addict or you don’t know your tweets from your likes, there’s no denying the importance of social media in today’s society. Businesses use social media to engage directly with their consumers and use the platforms to attract new customers.

The need for speed when hiring millennials for PA jobs

Industry News
Published:03 August 2016

KPMG’s announcement this week that they are condensing their hiring process to a single day highlights a problem facing many hiring companies: top candidates just will not wait when they are sitting on multiple job offers. Top recruitment agencies in London are reporting not only a shortage of good candidates but also the snapping up of the best ones before some companies have even managed to sort out their compensation and benefits package. The message is clear. Hiring companies must interview and offer within an ever decreasing time frame or risk losing the best candidates for their jobs. One of the top PA recruitment agencies in London, RMS Recruitment has advice on the best way to hire millennials.

RMS Recruitment Speed to hire

What is a recruitment agency?

Published:27 July 2016

Landing the dream job is a difficult task, especially in today’s competitive job market, but recruitment agencies can help. Meanwhile, employers often go to recruitment agencies to help fill vacant positions as they just don’t have the time to sufficiently look through all of the applications that are sent. But what is the role of a recruitment agency, and how can they help you?

PA Candidates are in Demand from Job Flurry Post Brexit

Industry News
Published:26 July 2016

Hiring companies frustrated by candidate hesitancy

Recruitment Companies hiring as usual post Brexit are finding a frustratingly low number of candidates confident enough to make a job move. This means there are fantastic opportunities for good candidates willing to overcome job nerves in the post Brexit climate of uncertainty.  The companies that are recruiting in the current market are likely to be more financially robust than those on a “wait and see” or freeze agenda.  It may be more shrewd to be looking at a job move now whilst candidate availability is short and job opportunities rich.

RMS Recruitment London Leap of Faith

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