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Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas is just around the corner and you’ve got parties to hit!!! The office Xmas party is by far, in our mind, one of the most daunting, but exciting events to happen in December, as quite simply: ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN! It’s that evening where scandal could occur, relationships can bloom; you could end up high-fiving your boss one too many times and wake up ‘hugging the bowl’ with a muddy one shoe in bed and someone else’s handbag. The thing about holiday office parties is that you are in middle ground where you’re supposed to have fun, but not too much so that people are talking about you behind your back or that you divulged information you were given in confidence. It can be a potential minefield!

No matter how you feel about office Christmas parties, they are a vital part of the office dynamic and annual social activity. Just go with it - get involved and enjoy!! No one likes a party-pooper or someone who thinks they’re ‘too cool for school’. If it’s the attire that you’re unsure about; dress with a hint of festive, it can be a good talking point and ice-breaker.

Remember you’re all in the same boat; no one wants to embarrass themselves and CROL the morning after - Cringe Out Loud! Try and help each other out… if you see someone knocking back the wines and looking unsteady, try and get them to take down the buffet with you! A big ‘yes, yes’ is eating. If you’re drinking alcohol, you’ve got to eat. Remember you have to see these people the very next day or on Monday and drinking on an empty stomach is where you’ll run into trouble and your brain may lose control of your tongue. A sneaky tip to stay respectably sober is having a glass of milk before you start to line the stomach, then water the wine with soda or heavily dilute spirits with lots of ice and cranberry…you’re still on trend colour-wise!

Try and see this as a great opportunity to behave professionally, let your hair down with co-workers whilst remaining discreet, show a different side to your personality and have some end of year fun! Office parties are a good chance to network with colleagues whom you seldom cross paths with and bond on a new level with those in your team. Played right it does wonders for relationship building and office efficiency. So ensure you arrive on time, dress appropriately, drink (semi-)responsibly and PIG OUT! That’s what we’ll be doing on 11th December in Mayfair and we can’t wait!!

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