"When I was first introduced to RMS, they were a very small team of only two. In such a short space of time the team has grown to six, but the attitudes, capabilities, efficiency and friendly manner which I was first drawn to, are still very much in evidence.

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To Tweet or not to Tweet - that is the burning recruitment question

Social Media. Love or hate it, there’s no getting away from it - but ignoring it when it comes to finding a new job or the right candidate is unlikely to be an option in today’s increasingly competitive recruitment market.

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UK recruitment companies should embrace social media
For recruiters the social media landscape offers the opportunity to speed up the hiring process and steal a march on their competitors, but it seems that it is still an under-used resource in the UK compared to the US. Recent industry data showed that only 40% of UK recruiters use social media as part of their hiring strategy, compared to 96% in the US. Whilst such a dramatic contrast in the usage might indicate a market in the UK that is slow to embrace the new technology, it also provides HR staff in this country a valuable opportunity to learn from the best practice of the early adopters in the US and fast-track the implementation of a social media recruitment strategy . Mobile career websites, social media recruiting, job boards, and Applicant Tracking Systems all offer the chance to target the right applicant sooner, and reduce the hiring timeline significantly.

Valuable marketing tool for candidates
For applicants social media represents a valuable chance to market yourself across many different platforms and give yourself a chance to stand out in a crowded market place. We all know the importance of online reputation management these days, and indeed it is increasingly being taught as a valuable life skill at secondary schools. There can be a tendency, however, to focus on the risks involved with your online profile and consequently to underplay the chance it gives you to create a positive shopfront for your skill set. It’s too valuable an opportunity to ignore and so must be treated with due respect when it comes to decisions about what or what not to post - remember Alcohol+Tweet=Twatter!

Top London recruitment agencies like RMS Recruitment understand the value of social media for expanding and keeping in touch with their candidate database. Even for those candidates already placed in PA or Secretarial Jobs there is a high degree of referral happening across social media platforms just by using those share buttons. That's why RMS Recruitment rewards referrals that are placed with a £100 John Lewis voucher. 

Quite clearly this is a medium that is here to stay and RMS Recruitment will be running a series of follow up blogs on this topic to examine the impact of social media on our day to day lives and how best to use it to your advantage.

Source: Onrec "Gaining ground with social media in the talent war"

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