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Top 8 ways the LinkedIn purchase by Microsoft will help your PA job

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Microsoft was prepared to pay £18.5 billion for LinkedIn this week, which amounts to over £40 for every one of LinkedIn's 430 million members.  Why does Microsoft value your membership so highly? Because LinkedIn provides them with the biggest business social platform to increase your engagement with Microsoft products. If your individual membership is valued so highly, what can you expect to see in return? 

One of the leading London recruitment agencies, RMS Recruitment, explains how the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn may lead to technology which will help you be even more effective in your job (but you might need to really like technology to benefit!)

1. Meeting attendee bios: By connecting Microsoft Office with LinkedIn, meeting attendees will learn more about each other from the invitations in their calendars. So before an interview, it might be helpful to know that the HR director who you are about to meet, attended the same school as your brother!


2. Use of video as a training tool: You might see Micrsoft inserting training videos in Excel spreadsheets (such as how to get the most out of Excel) via LinkedIn’s Lynda.com , the video training channel LinkedIn bought last year.


3. Greater understanding of people's role in your projects: Expect to see an abbreviated LinkedIn profile, when you are using Word, Excel, Skype, Outlook or other Microsoft products. It will help you understand why people are working on projects with you. The announcement slide deck referred to it as “a single source of truth” (although that would depend on the accuracy of the data people put on their LinkedIn profiles!)


4. Smarter email use: ever received an email with a hundred cc’s and you have no idea who they are? Well, Outlook will identify those people for you so that it’s easy to pitch your response according to the seniority, background or skill set of the people copied on the email.


5. Voice activated virtual assitant: Internet experts have been predicting the growth of voice activated replacing text based programs over the next decade and Microsoft will no doubt try to enhance the use of its automated speech assistant, Cortana, Microsoft’s equivalent of Apple’s Siri (what, you’re not already using her?!) so that Cortana might be able to brief you right before a meeting with up to date information on the attendees.


6. More relevant news: Microsoft and LinkedIn also promise an improved intelligent news feed so that you will receive only the news most relevant to your position and industry. LinkedIn is already pretty good at this but members have started to complain recently about people using LinkedIn like Facebook and want to retain it as a strictly business only social networking tool.


7. Career progression: LinkedIn is already an extremely powerful tool to help you identify your next PA job– with Microsoft’s expertise added into the equation,  expect to see many more training and recruitment tools to help you on your way to a better job. 


8. Increased discovery and distribution of content: You will find it easier to discover and publish your own content on LinkedIn so you can improve your knowledge while increasing your opportunities for a more rewarding job. 


In the words of one Forbes analyst, you should expect your LinkedIn account to become far more powerful and pervasive if you like Microsoft products — and a bit more annoying if you don’t. But don’t be in any doubt that the partnership will impact your office life, whether you like it or not! Microsoft wants to power people and organisations to achieve more; LinkedIn wants to connect the world’s professionals. It should be a win-win for all those already working in or wanting to work in PA jobs. 


If you haven’t switched on to LinkedIn already, it’s time to read our previous article on How to perfect your LinkedIn profile before searching for new PA jobs.  LinkedIn's acquisition by Microsoft could be about to revolutionise your work place! 


Source: Forbes "With Microsoft Buying LinkedIn, Here's What Users Can Expect” June 13th 2016

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