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Temp recruitment agencies advise on a successful ménage à trois

RMS Recruitment Temp Menage a trois

We don’t generally think of threesomes taking place at work, but the temp role is a perfect example of where a threesome is positively crucial to a successful working relationship. 

A  “Quickie” Relationship

Temp jobs by their very nature tend to be speedy affairs; companies have a last minute staffing requirement and need someone as quickly as possible to meet tight schedules and deadlines. They rely on their Temp recruitment agencies to fill their temp job roles promptly, up to five times faster than their permanent job roles.

A Blind Date in the office

Good temp agencies in London are so confident in the quality of their temp candidate database that they can place temp candidates within hours of a job posting from a client without interview. So as the temp, you are turning up on what is effectively an office blind date. You have not met the company and they have not met you. It can be a recipe for disaster unless everyone has the same expectations.

Awesome threesomes!

So what can the company, the recruiting agency and the temp do to make this ménage à trois a success for all concerned?

Temp Recruitment agencies need to do the following:

  • Understand your client’s business so well that you know exactly what the temp will need to achieve to be a success.
  • Keep a record of feedback from the client on each temp so you can match historic successes and avoid repeat mismatches.
  • Make the right match, not only in terms of chemistry but also in terms of skills match. You wouldn’t send a 75 words per minute typist to stuff envelopes!
  • Maintain excellent communication with temp and client throughout the placement. Top temp recruitment agencies will replace a temp who doesn’t work out within hours.
  • Build trust with your temps so that in return for their flexibility, reliability and excellent client feedback you find them constant work at top hourly rates

Companies employing temps should follow these guidelines:

  • Communicate your requirements to your temp recruitment agency with precision – specify exactly what you need the temp to do in your company and the characters involved.
  • Assign the temp to someone within your company who can be an on the go mentor to ensure they are aligned with your business objectives and efficiently utilised.
  • Offer training if appropriate and provide good feedback to both temp and recruitment agency.

Temps wanting to make the 3-way relationship work should:

  • Keep the temp recruitment agency up to date with your availability; be flexible and adaptable.
  • Take time to research the company culture and conduct yourself accordingly; be an ambassador for the agency.
  • Build rapport but don’t be overly familiar: if you do the job well they will ask you to come back.

RMS Recruitment is a leading London temp recruitment agency. To join our temp team each candidate has undergone a rigorous selection process that has the same exacting standards that our permanent division has become renowned for.  Whether you are a client needing a candidate for a London temp job or a candidate looking to temp, please call us on 0207 518 9170.


Source: Be the Temp Everyone Wants to Work With, by Cathy Reilly on Job Hunt

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