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Take a different approach to the New Year “Rehab and Reform” mentality

So here we are at the start of another January when we are inundated with advice on new diets, new exercise programs and the latest mindfulness techniques, not to mention that urge to review our work situation and embark on a frenzy of new job applications. So before you rush to prepare 500 calorie meals using your new spiraliser while simultaneously balancing on your foam roller and reviewing job vacancies on the iPad, take a breath…….

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……and firstly take stock of 2015. (One of the disadvantages of drinking and eating your way through December in a festive haze while  panic shopping for wildly impractical gifts, is that we never have the time to properly reflect on the year that is coming to a close.)

  • With our new focus on positive thinking, firstly make a list of everything you achieved which had a positive impact on you and others. Then make another list of everything which made you and others happy. This will help you to build on last year’s positives rather than focusing on the negatives and feeling the need to “purge”. 
  • Now you have reflected on all the good things in your life, now consider those things from 2015 you would like to leave behind: one of these should be anxiety, especially if it is the kind of anxiety which affects your health. You may wish to leave behind a habit you have developed at work of always saying yes when you should be saying no (very common in PA jobs!). 
  • Only now that you have your list of the positive things you want to build on in your life and the negatives to leave behind, should you consider what new elements could enrich your life,  benefitting both you and those around you. 
  • It is tempting to assume that a new job will make you happier. However, take the time to consider whether a new role within your existing company or a change in your job responsibilities could take you closer to your goals than starting afresh in a new company. Discuss with your boss, HR manager or with someone you admire at work.
  • If a new job seems to be an imperative, consider how a new job will move you forward in your career goals so that you don’t end up doing the same thing under a different company banner. Discuss your goals with a trusted recruitment company. 
  • Compassion is the new health buzzword in 2016. Start by being kinder to your work and play self (i.e. not beating yourself up about eating unhealthily or not doing enough exercise) and try to make incremental changes one step at a time. 

Our overriding single piece of advice is to focus on positives and build on them rather than set unrealistic, guilt-ridden New Year resolutions which are destined to fail by February. 

And if all this positive talk is too much this early in January, then you may be better off taking the approach recommended in one of the most talked about new book launches by John Parkin: “F*** It, Do What you Love", which tells you to quit anything that doesn’t make you happy!  

For our part at RMS Recruitment, we are lucky enough to already be doing what we love with people we love; matching the best candidates with the best PA jobs that London has to offer.  Surround yourself with positive people to create 366 (yes, it's a Leap Year) days of happiness in 2016!

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