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Summer Survival tips for London’s office workers

RMS Recruitment London Surviving Summer in the City

Are you struggling to survive the heat in the City? Wishing you didn’t have to work when we all know that the summer could be gone in the time it takes to queue for our Pret sandwich at lunchtime?  

Don’t worry – help is at hand from RMS Recruitment London with our best tips for a sizzling summer without the heat!


No sooner have we packed away our winter woollies than we find ourselves fast approaching midsummer and taken completely unawares by the mini heatwaves which can be stifling in London. These heatwaves are short joyous affairs when Londoners seem to smile more and linger longer outside cafes and pubs. They are slightly tainted by the need to still go to work when we would rather be donning flip flops and shorts before heading for the nearest green space armed with little more than a pair of sunglasses and a good book. 


But work we must, so listen up for our top tips on not just surviving the summer heat but flourishing in it. 


How to ensure you bloom, not wilt in the summer heat!


Office wear

Start the day by checking the weather forecast. Cool mornings can give way to blistering days so make sure you have a smart cool layer with a warmer cover up such as a light linen jacket or cotton cardigan. The Perfeckija white shirt collection includes a feminine, sleeveless but smartly tailored option in the Emilia ruffle shirt. If wearing sandals, girls - they need to be in a neutral or dark colour and make sure your toes are summer ready!


Drink water (not alcohol!)

Put bottles of water in the fridge the night before and remember to pack one in your bag before leaving for work (make sure you keep drinking all day and refill it before leaving the office). If water is too boring, check out Jason Vale’s Juicemaster recipes. If you don’t already have one, invest in a Nutribullet. It is worth every penny this time of year and you can pack in lots of healthy ingredients, while staying rehydrated. 


Find a deodorant you love

Please wear an effective pleasant smelling deodorant and exercise restraint when applying perfume and aftershave, which tend to overpower in the heat – your fellow commuters and office colleagues will thank you – there’s nothing worse than the office stinkpot!



Reroute your journey. No one likes the underground when it’s hot, so look at bus options or consider cycling or walking to work. If you have to take the tube, consider leaving home earlier than usual to avoid the crowds, then visiting a local park after work with a book to wait out rush hour.


Office airing

If you are lucky enough to work in an air-conditioned office, you will need that warmer layer mentioned earlier. If not, make sure that the first person to arrive opens every window to maximise the flow of the cool morning air. Utilise blinds when the sun is fully on the windows, particularly in the afternoon, and ask your office manager to provide quietly effective desk fans. Check out the Independent’s 10 best rated office desk fans. 


Light lunch 

Plan on eating light salads prepared the night before rather than heavy carbohydrate loaded sandwiches. Great ideas for healthy lunchbox salads can be found on the BBC website – for now anyway! A frozen yoghurt taken out of the freezer in the morning will keep salad and fruit cool in a cool bag until lunchtime and still be semi frozen when you eat it – like an ice cream, only healthier! 


Go outside!

Do go outside for lunch, we need the Vitamin D after a winter of rickets-inducing deficiency, but don’t sit in the full sun. You are not wearing the right clothes to sunbathe and will return to the office in a dripping puddle of sweat! Take a light sunhat, which won’t spoil your hair, shades and suncream if you are fair of face. Find a shady spot to eat in and on the way back to the office, browse the freezer aisles of one-stop shops to cool down!


Then stay outside!

London comes alive in the summer so make the most of the light, warmer evenings and take advantage of the many outdoor events taking place. Check out Time Out’s guide to London’s outdoor events. If you’re too hot for culture, then meet up with friends after work at one of London’s many outdoor pools and feel like you’re on holiday!


Apply for London jobs while working on your suntan!

For those of you job-hunting, make the most of the latest technology allowing you to apply for jobs while sunbathing in the park! Download the latest job search apps such as RMS Recruitment’s app, PA, Admin, Secretarial Jobs. Be clever and try to schedule interviews for midday when you will want refuge from the heat of the sun. There will be nothing like finding a new job to make your time outside feel even more rewarding!


Be cool in the heat

London really is cool in summer – it feels more akin to Barcelona when the weather behaves and has a unique vibe, which is totally infectious. Make the most of it with these top summer survival tips for all those hardworking London office workers. (And be quick, we will be back to treading rain-sodden pavements before we know it!)

And if all this is too much, contact RMS Recruitment on info@rmsrecruitment.com to find your dream London PA job while others are snoozing in the sun!

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