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Is Social Media fuelling an increase in Career FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)?

Previously, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) seemed largely confined to our social lives rather than our careers but recent research by the CIPD reveals that Career FOMO is on the rise – we look at the reasons and how to avoid slipping into the trap of assuming our friends are advancing their careers faster than ourselves.



Mismatch between aspiration and achievement

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development‘s Employee Outlook research conducted in Autumn 2015 reveals that 20% of the UK workforce were looking for a different job and over half feel they won’t achieve their career aspirations in their current organisations. Equally worrying, over 30% feel they are over-qualified for their current role. Depressing statistics especially if you consider that this sense of under achievement is felt more acutely by women.


Causes of Career FOMO

We are all inundated with social media images of our friends seemingly leading more fulfilling lives than us. Now that extends to reports of our friends travelling the world attending exciting conferences and posting pictures of themselves in high powered “networking” environments. Not to mention the LinkedIn reminders to congratulate someone on their new job or work anniversary. If we are going through a career low patch it’s hard not to let it get under our skin.


Career growth not Career Progression

The CIPD advises that our approach to career advancement has not adapted to the changes in the working world. Modern companies tend towards flatter organisations so that promotion is not always the route to career advancement. They recommend adopting a career “growth” approach whereby companies should find ways to increase responsibility and diversify experience within existing job roles. Employers want better productivity and employees want more interesting and accountable roles. The two should not be mutually exclusive!


Here at RMS Recruitment, we notice this desire for more interesting roles where there is an opportunity to use initiative is particularly prevalent among candidates in secretarial jobs in London. Next time your friends in apparently more glamorous London PA Jobs are posting selfies from trendy London venues and you start to feel career FOMO, remind yourself that no-one posts the 3 days of mind-numbing Excel Spreadsheets which preceded the glamorous networking event. If your career FOMO still prevails, call us on 0207 518 9170 so that you definitely won't miss out on the best PA jobs in London. 



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