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RMS Recruitment finds a robust market for Graduate PA Jobs in London

RMS Recruitment London PA Jobs for Graduates

As one of the top PA recruitment agencies in London we take a look at how to approach the graduate job market and how the Executive PA job could be the perfect springboard to a more senior position in a high-flying company.

Graduates need to think beyond traditional career paths

Sometimes it seems that every time we pick up a magazine or newspaper it is only to read about how hard it is for graduates to find a job in the current climate. With more than 1 in 5 graduates out of work and 84 applicants for every job in London, the statistics can look pretty bleak at times. But there are still plenty of reasons for optimism and we’ll take a look at why the role of PA could be just the answer you’re looking for.

So here you are. You’ve got your degree (congrats btw), you’ve been hard at it for nearly 2-3 hours for some of the days a week, and now you’re faced with the prospect of not being able to get a job after all that hard partying work. Well don’t despair, you’ve got plenty going for you and every chance of finding the right job in time.

Employers value graduate skills

The first thing to remember is that whilst you may not have the experience of working full time in the city, you have acquired many transferable skills that will be of interest to potential employers. You’re used to working to a deadline (usually on not enough sleep), you’ve demonstrated the sticking power to finish the course, and if you’re really lucky (or well connected) you’ve managed to find an internship in the holidays. And let’s not forget that all-important degree. However competitive the market might be you have already given yourself a significant tick on your CV.

First step on the career ladder can be the hardest

One of the most important things to remember is that your first job doesn’t have to be a job for life. It is increasingly likely that you will have more than one career-indeed 3 or 4 are not unusual these days. With that in mind try to be more open-minded about that first job - the most important thing may well be getting employed in the first place, and it is worth bearing in mind that it is often easier to change careers once you have taken the initial few steps up the ladder.

The PA is often viewed as an Executive role

Increasingly graduates are recognising that the role of PA is not only a challenging and fulfilling one, but can also be an excellent springboard to a more senior executive role within the organisation. As a PA you’ll be expected to organise and manage commitments, project manage schedules and communicate with a large network of contacts-in other words you’ll be perfectly positioned to showcase your talents to all the right people.

PA Salaries attracting both male and female graduates

The recognition of this may be one of the reasons the sector is seeing growing interest from male candidates in what had been traditionally a female dominated segment. With salaries of between £35,000 and £75,000 and often more, the combination of highly competitive remuneration as well as an attractive career path is drawing in candidates that might not otherwise have considered a PA role.

With our experienced team of recruitment specialists we here at RMS Recruitment are well positioned to discuss the changing face of the graduate market for PAs, and we will be delighted to discuss the best way to secure a PA job in London with that hard-earned degree! Call RMS Recruitment on 02017518 9170 today and talk to one of our friendly consultants. 

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