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Recruiters identify transferable skills for secretarial jobs in London

Are you a business struggling to recruit the right people for your secretarial jobs in London? Leading secretarial recruitment agencies in London show you how to identify transferable skills in candidates from non-secretarial roles.

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In today’s ever more competitive jobs market there is a growing awareness that the secretarial role, rather than just being a long term career choice in itself, can also be a vital first step on the career ladder for many highly qualified and highly motivated candidates.


Transferable skills

What that has meant in practical terms for clients is that they are seeing CVs from a broader range of backgrounds than they are perhaps used to when working with secretarial agencies in London, and we thought it might be useful to take a look at the transferable skills that you need to identify in candidates applying from non-secretarial roles instead of rejecting them.


Whilst the role of the modern secretary/assistant has changed markedly over the last decade or so, the fundamental requirement for keyboard competency has not. What is perhaps a bit different these days is that keyboard skills don’t generally need to be taught as a stand-alone subject, because for the vast majority of young people those skills are clearly going to be something that they grow up using almost as soon as they lift their first iPad!  Many candidates can type at 60wpm without even realising!


Far more important these days is to identify accuracy and competency with the standard suite of software tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Once again though, familiarity with these programmes can be gained from many and varied roles, or even during education and as such it is important to approach all CVs with an open mind.


Organisational skills are clearly vital for a secretary to be successful, but in this area, perhaps more than any other, a variety of different roles and backgrounds can be a key differentiator when it comes to evaluating a candidate. With more and more applicants applying for the role of assistant from outside the traditional catchment area of the City and its related businesses, there can be real benefits to be had from recruiting someone who has had day to day experience of running and managing a business at a practical level.


People skills are one of the hardest to evaluate from a CV, and yet are absolutely vital to the success of an assistant in a secretarial role. Whether acting as a gatekeeper, managing expectations, or in their general interaction in the work environment, it is likely to be a high profile role that will reflect directly on their employer. Indeed it is this aspect of the role that is most attractive to candidates who might not otherwise have considered applying for a secretarial post, since it allows the successful candidate exposure to all levels of the management structure that they might otherwise have not had. Experience in a client facing role is obviously valuable, but so too is experience in a large team for example, where the ability to communicate and relate to others will have been key to success.


With so many highly qualified graduates struggling to find a job, the lure of a high profile secretarial job has become ever more attractive, and whilst that gives clients the benefit of a broader pool of candidates to choose from, it also means that they must be prepared to look beyond some of the more traditional backgrounds and embrace the new broader field of potential employees. As one of the top secretarial recruitment agencies in London RMS Recruitment feel it is important to discuss trends within the industry and would be delighted to discuss any issues with you that this article has raised.


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