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PA Candidates are in Demand from Job Flurry Post Brexit

Hiring companies frustrated by candidate hesitancy

Recruitment Companies hiring as usual post Brexit are finding a frustratingly low number of candidates confident enough to make a job move. This means there are fantastic opportunities for good candidates willing to overcome job nerves in the post Brexit climate of uncertainty.  The companies that are recruiting in the current market are likely to be more financially robust than those on a “wait and see” or freeze agenda.  It may be more shrewd to be looking at a job move now whilst candidate availability is short and job opportunities rich.

RMS Recruitment London Leap of Faith

Leading recruitment agencies in London like RMS Recruitment are reporting unusually high numbers of PA jobs available due to companies now firming up their hiring plans following the pre- Brexit hiring freeze.

Media Scaremongering to blame

Have you noticed that Brexit scaremongering dominating media headlines tends to result in a self-fulfilling downturn in activity across markets? We see it first in the property market where the merest whisper of a property slump makes people hold off on purchases for fear of paying over the odds.

In the jobs market, the same principle is at work. People mistakenly believe that they are safer in their current job than as a newcomer in a new role. In fact, companies who are insufficiently financially robust to survive uncertainty, tend to lay off employees regardless of length of service.

Millennials are the first generation to truly understand that a job is not for life (but hopefully lasts longer than Christmas!). They are also most likely to move jobs for a more pleasant working environment with better use of technology according to latest recruitment surveys. The future of British success outside Europe really is in their hands if they are willing to embrace the opportunity.

Unprecedented opportunity for top PAs

The choice of Secretarial and PA jobs right now is unprecedented meaning that confident, talented candidates can take their pick of the top roles. In the same way that businesses who invest in a downturn tend to reap the rewards in an upturn, candidates investing in their futures now by taking the cream off the top of the jobs market will already be riding high when everyone else is sitting tight praying for certainty. Well, guess what? Certainty is a luxury of a previous era. No-one saw the 2008 recession coming. Nobody forecast last year's election result nor this summer's referendum outcome.

The time is now for job opportunities - today is certain, tomorrow is unknown, so an opportunity acted upon today is more common sense than risk.

We invite all candidates confident enough to keep their options open to register with us now. You could be on your way to a top paid PA job in a dynamic environment ahead of the Brexit wait and see brigade. Call RMS Recruitment on 0207 518 9170 or email  info@rmsrecruitment.com

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