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Now is the time to prepare for your next London job move

It was interesting to see the Guardian this week echo our recent article “PA Candidates are in Demand from Job Flurry Post Brexit” from 2 weeks ago. No-one thinks the post Brexit economic doldrums will last and many think the job hiring uncertainty immediately following the vote to leave was compounded by the traditional summer lull in activity at this time of year. The message is loud and clear – the falter in the jobs market is temporary and candidates who start doing the ground work now will have access to top jobs at some of the best companies who are hiring as usual. Find out why now is the time and how to prepare for your next London job move:

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A Bank of England survey of their UK business contacts at the end of July concluded that the majority (over two thirds) of firms spoken with did not expect a short term impact from the Brexit result on their investment or staff hiring plans. Our own post Brexit experience is that companies are still hiring but client and candidate hesitancy is slowing our ability to fill some positions. A look at our Jobs page will show that many businesses are hiring as usual and there are fantastic opportunities for candidates who want to get ahead of the game.  As the Guardian article points out, The UK is still the 6th largest economy in the world and competition for top jobs may be diluted if fewer EU nationals are applying for jobs. The Guardian’s advice is to prepare now for an upturn in hiring activity in the Autumn. Here’s our advice on how to prepare:


Is your industry hiring?


Check out the job boards for your industry and see who is hiring. It’s probably the type of company that can weather the uncertainty and therefore the type of company you want to work for!


Work with a top recruitment agency for your sector or job type


The recruitment agencies will feel every twitch in the jobs market first and will know which companies are hiring and have not been derailed by Brexit. Talk to them about your concerns and they should lead you in the direction of the companies they see are best weathering the current storm (in a teacup perhaps?)


Be active on LinkedIn


LinkedIn is good for 2 things: picking up employer messages about hiring strategy and checking out your competition. Study the LinkedIn business pages of companies you would like to work for and read their views of current activity. If they are silent, they are probably redefining plans so find the ones who seem certain of their strategy. Similarly, study the LinkedIn profiles of people who are in positions you aspire to and work out what makes their profile stand out. See if you can imitate (while being honest.)


Review your CV post Brexit


Are the skills you have emphasised still relevant post Brexit? You may need to adapt your CV to reflect the new market dynamic and companies will be pleased if you can pick up on strategic issues resulting from the leave vote and more likely to hire you if they think you can be part of their post Brexit plan.


Be flexible


Some industries have been more susceptible to Brexit than others. For example, if you work in an industry impacted such as financial services, consider changing industries. This is easier for PA and Secretarial jobs than most other jobs as the skills are so transferable. 


Be bold


There really are top jobs out there for those candidates who are confident in their skills. See the current shortage of candidates as your opportunity to secure your dream job – make it happen by working with a good recruitment agency who you can trust to put you forward for a position which is right for you. As the Guardian says, the smaller boutique agencies can be the best at making the right match as they are small enough to know their candidates and clients on a different level.


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