RMS quickly understood our requirement for specialist administrative staff and were able to provide a range of suitable candidates in a very short period. We have been impressed with their ability to match people to vacancies so we save time by only interviewing good quality candidates.

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The need for speed when hiring millennials for PA jobs

KPMG’s announcement this week that they are condensing their hiring process to a single day highlights a problem facing many hiring companies: top candidates just will not wait when they are sitting on multiple job offers. Top recruitment agencies in London are reporting not only a shortage of good candidates but also the snapping up of the best ones before some companies have even managed to sort out their compensation and benefits package. The message is clear. Hiring companies must interview and offer within an ever decreasing time frame or risk losing the best candidates for their jobs. One of the top PA recruitment agencies in London, RMS Recruitment has advice on the best way to hire millennials.

RMS Recruitment Speed to hire

·         Be clear about your company culture and why it is a good place to work.

·         Millennials are turned on by smart technology – use it throughout your interview process to keep them interested.

·         Don’t let the job description let you down. If the description is dull, that’s how they will perceive the job.

·         As soon as the recruitment agency identifies suitable candidates, arrange interviews quickly to keep up the momentum. If you leave them with           days to fill before you meet them, other companies able to move more quickly will fill that time with interviews.

·         Make sure your recruitment agency has identified the key decision making criteria for each candidate they send for interview. Discuss those               factors during the interview.

·         Ask existing employees (the happy ones!) to meet your candidates and tell them what they enjoy about working for your company.

·         Ask the candidate at interview what is important to them and what will influence their choice of company and role.

·         Tell the recruitment agency immediately after the first interview which candidates you want to see again so that they can provide same day               feedback

·         Allow the recruitment agency to schedule the second interview at the moment of first interview feedback so candidates are not left “hanging”.

·         At second interview ask the candidate if there are any factors which would influence their decision on whether to work for you.

·         If you want a candidate for the job, adapt your offer, be prepared to increase your salary for a top candidate and communicate the offer at the           very latest by the following day.

·         If they don’t accept straight away, they are probably reviewing other offers – keep your second (and even third) choice warm throughout. 

It really is a candidate driven market but if you are smart about making your company and offer attractive, top candidates will give you serious consideration. A good recruitment agency will help you put together your job offer in the best way to secure your chosen candidate. Don’t leave it to chance – for all your PA recruitment needs, call RMS Recruitment on 0207 518 9170 or email us at info@rmsrecruitment.com .

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