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April 2016

01 April 2016

Friday 1st April 2016


Happy sunny Friday! Spring is in the air, sunglasses on around town, and I need to update you on my Easter weekend date! First things first: Alice earned herself a tidy £5. Yes, I stayed over at Harry’s that night… Don't judge me, it was completely worth it! 


We had such a fun date, he just took me to a few of his favourite places that were so damn swanky I was mega relieved that he was paying the bill and not me. To be honest it’s not my usual cup of tea to hang out anywhere particularly posh, but we just had so much good chat together, he's so quick and funny, he makes me laugh so hard, I can't help but fancy the pants off of him. 


Of course everyone wanted to know all the gossip back in the office on Tuesday, and my new little office bestie Alice had everyone swooning around her computer screen showing them pictures of him. I'm not gonna lie I was loving the attention, not least because Charlie looked so pissed off about it all! And so he should be! It feels good to get my own back on that little cheating pig. He even stormed out at lunch when Alice tried to beckon him over for an ogle at Harry on her screen! God I love Alice! Can’t believe I was at all worried about hiring her, she’s the best. 


The only thing about Harry that is worrying me though, is the amount of romantic gestures he’s sending my way. I know that might sound odd, but there's a fine line between being thoughtful and being creepy... Sending flowers to the office for when I got back from skiing was really sweet, but where did he get the address from? I don't think I'd even told him where I worked? That was the first thing, then the second was waiting for me when I got back from visiting my family over Easter: sitting on my doormat was a little letter addressed to me. It was from Harry, but how the hell did he know my home address? Also it was a bank holiday on Monday so the letter must have been hand delivered! I mean what's wrong with a text or a facebook message? No need to stalk me! 


What do you think, is this sort of thing romantic or creepy? Should I be picking wedding dresses or filing for a restraining order? I’d already agreed to date 2 tonight, so I’ll have to let you know how that goes…


08 April 2016

Friday 8th April

Have you ever had a temp in who you later find out has a little secret…? Maybe something like they have a bit of an alter ego / weekend persona that they don’t readily advertise on their CV…?

I bet you’re wondering where this is going!

So, we’ve got a back log of data inputting work that needs doing so Priscilla asked me to manage getting a temp in for a week to get it dealt with. I went straight to my favourite agency last Friday, who provided me with the sweetest girl to start fresh on Monday morning. Clara has been with us all week, quietly stationed on her little desk next to Priscilla’s, studiously tap tap tapping away. We’ve all found her to be an absolute dream: smiley, calm, hardworking, and quick to shout out and offer to make a round if she’s making herself a cuppa. Exactly the kind of girl to go straight to our hearts!

But then Kevin who works in IT suddenly piped up that he thought there was more to Clara than met the eye… It turns out she has a second career as a PLAYBOY BUNNY! Kevin sent a link round the office and I mean kudos to Clara, in the pics online she looks INCREDIBLE! If I popped on that costume it would definitely be more Bugs Bunny than Jessica Rabbit. But she looks divine!

Anyway, of course all the silly boys in the office thought this was just the most hilarious and best thing ever. That I had booked a bunny girl to come and work right under their noses. But I was of course terrified about Priscilla finding out – I just know what she would say, that it was ‘not in keeping with our brand ideals’ and that I ‘hadn’t done my due diligence’ before hiring her, blah blahdy blah! And she would be right…

Luckily for me Priscilla doesn’t seem to have caught wind despite all the boys and their unsubtle ogling! Just another hour to go and Clara’s booking will come to an end and the crisis will have been averted…

You have to ask yourself though, how the blazes did Kevin find this out about Clara…? What was he doing looking at Playboy Bunnies at 2pm on a Thursday?! Apparently he was just googling Clara’s name, but if you ask me that’s still pretty creepy…



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