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February 2016

05 February 2016

Friday 5th February

My life is one confusing web of mistrust and lies at the moment! Both professionally and personally, it’s like I’m living in a soap opera, I don’t know true from false, right from wrong, up from down…

Call me Doctor Foster, but I just cannot get that niggle of doubt about Charlie and Milly out of my head – especially when I actually found a long blonde hair on his suit jacket last week! True story, I actually found one curled up on his lapel, taunting me with all the bravado and menace of a nonchalant cat. And given how finding that one little hair turned out for Doctor Foster it’s made me pretty damn paranoid again. I don’t trust Charlie an inch, it’s so stressful as I’m over-thinking his every move. He popped out to the corner shop to grab a beer last night, and I was convinced when he came back I caught a whiff of Miss Dior – I wear Chanel, so as you can imagine it sent me reeling. I mean I must be going crazy, surely he wouldn’t be sneaking around with her when he’s barely stepped off my own doorstop?? I had a word with Fran who thinks I’ve completely lost the plot, but she’s agreed to follow him for me if he needs to ‘pop out’ again any time soon. I’m terrified what she’ll find!

I think part of this paranoia has come from the fact that I’m doing so much sneaking around myself. It’s purely in my professional life, but it means I’m spinning all sorts of lies, and exhibiting pretty damn disloyal behaviour myself. God the absolute worst part is lying to Priscilla, I feel so horrendous, like such a disgusting cheat! Especially as she’s so sweetly excited about hiring our new Receptionist – and wants me to be as involved in possible so I can add ‘recruitment of junior staff’ to my skillset. 

Today she booked her favourite recruitment agency in so we could brief them on the role, only her favourite recruitment agency is also my favourite one – obviously as they’re the ones that placed me here – so it was so excruciating when I walked into that meeting room to be met by the same faces that I had been in touch with last week about my own job search! Honestly, I’m no better than Charlie am I? The only defence I have is that at least if I help with this process to replace myself I won’t be leaving Priscilla in the lurch. And that’s only if I actually decide to leave anyway, I may stay put. I love it here and I could really do with some lovely consistent stability in my life right now.

I’ve got a few interviews early next week for other roles though – as Fran says, it can’t help to explore other options – so wish me luck. Perhaps I should apply that mentality to my love life as well…? Fran’s met this guy at work she wants to set me up with so she’s invited me to her work drinks next week. Not sure whether I’ll go or not yet, but I’ll keep you posted on jobs and on boys... 



12 February 2016

Friday 12th February 

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you're spoilt rotten on Sunday, or at the very least you receive that token bunch of flowers from your Dad. I’m feeling pretty damn awkward as I have just got back from my lunchbreak and discovered the most inappropriate Valentines present sitting on my desk - a bottle of scent, which I know in itself isn’t that awkward, but it’s who I think it’s from that’s the problem! More on that in a minute, I have so much to fill you in on…

Firstly Charlie. Fran has been dedicatedly stalking him, and not just around the corner to our local shop but all over his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, even hacking into his accounts and unveiling incriminating evidence with all the investigative vigour of Sara Lund. She printed out reams of flirty messages and Instagram pics and presented me with a case file entitled 'Charlie the a-hole and Milly the bimbo: time to move on'. If there's one way of describing Fran's friendship style it would definitely be tough love. 

So after leafing my teary way through endless shots of Charlie and Milly's blossoming relationship, spanning the entire length of our dating period I couldn't take anymore. I’ve taken Fran’s advice and decided to call it a day. It's the not knowing that kills me, the trust is broken and that cannot be mended. Nice timing though Charlie, right before Valentine’s Day. 

So there I was earlier this week, job hunting and man hunting all at once. In hindsight I was definitely trying to get back on the horse far too early. And actually in doing those two things alongside each other I’ve realised they’re really not that dissimilar: whether you’re at an interview or at a date you have a finite amount of time to showcase yourself, and if you give off even the slightest whiff of desperation it’s an immediate fail! Obviously I was not at all in the right mindset for either earlier this week: I was more jumpy than Oscar Pistorius hearing a bump in the night, radiating more angst than Kanye’s recent Twitter feed. Not a surprise then that I didn’t get a call back from either my interview or the date Fran had engineered for me with her mate from work. 

But then, just when I’m feeling at my absolute lowest, I come in to this instantly recognisable little bottle of scent. It’s the same scent that my CEO Ed’s not-so secret work mistress Melissa wears. When I saw it sitting there, I assumed she must have left it on my desk by mistake. But underneath it was a little red card: 

‘Lucy, I know you’ve been having a tough time lately, I hoped this little surprise might help cheer you up! Happy Valentines, Ed’

What the hell am I supposed to make of that? Is it a sweet fatherly gesture, like that bouquet my Dad will no doubt send for Sunday? A thoughtful little care package? But then is it ever appropriate for your boss to give you a Valentine’s gift? And the same perfume he clearly gives his mistress, too?! I’m so confused!

It got me thinking about all the inappropriate gifts that must wind up on office desks all over London on Valentine’s Day, so for RMS’ annual Valentine’s Day competition we want to hear all about the most inappropriate Valentines you’ve received at work! Have you received any awkward advances from a colleague or client yourself, or was it the gift itself that was totally unsuited to the office setting? Let us know, the funnier the better, and the most entertaining story will win a £25 John Lewis Voucher from RMS! 

To enter email: info@rmsrecruitment.com with the title Lucy’s Diary by close of play Thursday 18th February. Good luck and we look forward to reading your stories!


19 February 2016

Friday 19th February 

Right so this has been an awkward week. Mainly because of Ed and his little Valentine’s gift. Sweet fatherly gesture, or awkward advances from the CEO towards his Office Junior? It doesn’t help that he is pretty damn attractive – those little winks he always throws me around the office are suddenly feeling much more loaded! Or perhaps that’s wishful thinking? Anyway my heart is a flutter and that is the least helpful thing this week while I’m trying to be all professional and interview my bottom off!

So much interviewing this week! Both as interviewer and interviewee: we’ve got all the lovely little juniors coming in for my role that Priscilla and I are meeting with, and obviously I’ve been sneaking off on my lunch breaks and after work for my own interviews too. Honestly, all this frantic meeting activity, I feel as though I’ve spent the week speed dating! In fact interviewing and dating really are so similar, here’s how:

- It’s vital to listen as well as talk. Ensure you capture key individual nuggets of information and carefully repeat them back later in the conversation. Both your date, and your future boss want to feel they’ve been heard. 

- Nobody thinks well of you if you slag off your exes – be it a boss, or a boyfriend. It makes them think the problem was probably you. 

- Flattery gets you everywhere…. Your company is so exciting; I feel as though my employers here would be so inspiring… Everyone loves a little Ciao Bella! Obviously there’s a balance to be struck though, too much ego inflating and the opportunity will burst because there’s no bigger turnoff than blatant adoration.

- As I said last week, you can’t show even the tiniest whiff of desperation: in dating and in interviewing, it’s an immediate fail.

- Don’t even dream of going to either without clean hair. 



26 February 2016


Friday 26th February 


This has been a truly brilliant week.


Firstly: my lovely replacement and new little line report has been found! At first I felt like a real fraud interviewing the candidates with Priscilla for the Receptionist role, especially given that a few of the girls were older than me. but before I knew it I was waxing lyrical about the company, the role, my experiences like a grand old bore, you could not shut me up about it! Which leads me onto point two...


Secondly: I've made a career decision. telling all the candidates at interview all about how great it is to work here made me realise how well it suits me and how happy I am. The thought of handing my notice in started to make me feel sick to my belly. That told me all I needed to know: I'm definitely not ready to leave. Added to which I love my new little recruit, Alice! I'm excited to work with her and have a stab at this managing thing... So long story short I'm staying put... For now.


Thirdly: my love life is massively back on track. While my recruitment consultant may not have hooked me up with a new job, i think they might have hooked me up with a new guy! Talk about going over and above! After the consultants left Priscilla and I the other week, one of them who I particularly like, who right from when I first met her felt more like a mate than a recruiter - I remember we were swapping holiday tips and chatting happily about bikini line waxes within minutes of meeting - popped me a little email to my private address:


'Lucy so great to catch up just now! I hope you don't mind me asking this, but I feel it's only my duty as a loving big sister... Are you single?


You see every time I meet you I just can't help but think about how well you and my gorgeous little brother Sam would get on! He's single at the moment, and if you are too I would just love to set you two up for a drink...


Sorry if this is totally creepy - but check out his LinkedIn, I know I'm biased but he's adorable and such a GOOD GUY!


Let me know what you think...'


Well I had nothing to lose had I? I loved Emily to bits and if her brother was anything like her we'd definitely hit it right off. Plus I followed the link to his LinkedIn profile and he was super cute. Blonde hair and chiselled jaw cute. Not my usual type but hey I needed to get as far away from the Charlie mould as possible.


So I met him for a drink, which turned into dinner, which turned into more drinks and crazy dancing at the Blues Bar, which turned into one deliriously happy drunken bicycle backie, weaving all the way from Soho to Clapham in the early hours of the morning. He may have stayed over, but he was actually the perfect gentleman - much to my disappointment at the time, but it has only made me that bit keener to see him again. He left me with kisses and blueberries in bed this morning and I've been in a little happy haze all morning.


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I actually also have a date this weekend with Fran's friend from work. Kind of tempted to cancel but I think Fran would eat me alive. Guess it can't hurt to keep your options open...

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