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December 2015

04 December 2015

Friday 4th December 

Girls your hangover tips were a godsend! I now have Berocca ready to go in the office at all times and a litre of water beside my bed – JUST IN CASE! You never know when Christmas drinks will be sprung on you. 

Amelia won the competition with her hilarious stories of dressing for work the next morning while still under the influence: a killer ensemble of satin jeans and pink stilettos! I now get Fran to sign off outfit choices as I go through the door. As with shopping, sartorial decisions made when drunk are never the strongest. 

Another day, another work related battle. Today it’s the database. I’ve been trying to tidy up all our client details and addresses so they’re ready for producing our Christmas card labels next week. I know, sounds dry right? Should be incredibly straight forward, but not when you have a technophobe in charge of the database. 

I’ve just managed to email the entire database asking the clients to confirm that our address details are correct rather than theirs! Too embarrassing! You can just imagine the responses, can’t you: ‘I would have thought you were better placed to confirm that than me, Lucy?’ Good point, well made. So now I’ve got to follow up with a second grovelling email correcting my first. Next I’ll be fielding all their complaints about being spammed with all my emails. 

Oh god, weekend where are you when I need you? Can’t even blame it on being hungover today…



11 December 2015

Friday 11th December 

You guys are absolute lifesavers!! I have been putting your hangover tips to good use all week and arriving at work considerably bonnier and brighter than I think I would have otherwise. I owe you one! 

The big Christmas party was this week, however, and that was a whole different test of my newly acquired skills. I didn’t give up without a fight though, and in fact until the very end of the evening everything was going swimmingly… I’m just going to take a moment to remember the highlights:

1) I managed to pitch my dress just right (for once!) – I wore a black lace number with pretty long sleeves: not too long, not too short, not too slutty, not too frumps. Success – compliments all round. 

2) Even though the wine was free flowing (and in bottomless supply!) I managed to pace myself. Those lunchtime pasta pots are really paying off in the drinking stamina stakes (Lord knows what they’re doing to my waistline, but it’s the lesser of two evils. I’ll just have to deal with that in the gym in January). 

3) I have full recollection of the entire evening, and apart from being ever so slightly nervous for the first half hour I don’t think I behaved remotely inappropriately. 

As I jumped into a cab at the end of the night I was reflecting happily to myself on how I must be growing up at last. But as I slammed the taxi door shut and climbed the stairs at the front of my building it all suddenly unravelled: I had the horrific realisation that I had forgotten my house keys! In my hurry to get ready in the office, and to grab my essentials to cram into my impossibly teeny clutch bag, I had completely forgotten to scoop up my keys! 

As Fran and I live on the 2nd floor at the back of a Victorian terrace, as our doorbell is broken and as Fran sleeps like the dead this was a terrible state of affairs! I was locked out, at 2am, on a cold rainy December night, wearing only a little black dress and a leather jacket! I was terrified, I was alone in the world with nowhere to sleep, what could I do?? 

I span round, but the taxi was long gone. I knew Charlie was out of the country on a stag do and I obviously tried to call Fran – I think around 10 times before I accepted defeat. Next, I worked my way through my contacts list of school and uni friends who might possibly have their phone on loud and who might be able to take me in. I was on the verge of tears and in complete desperation when I finally got through to someone – a guy who lived miles away in Angel, but beggars can’t be choosers so I jumped into my second epic taxi journey of the night and arrived with him about 3 in the morning. Thank god for mobile phones and old friends.

The worst part of all of this, however, was having to do the walk of shame the next morning: after waking up in a house of boys I had to go to work in exactly the same party dress and heels I had said goodbye to everyone in just hours before. You can imagine the comments can’t you? And no one believed my story about the keys. Argh can I leave for Christmas now please? 


18 December 2015

Friday 18th December

Last day of term kids! If we were at school we’d be wearing paper crowns about now, scooping up fist fulls of Quality Street and wheeling in the TV set for a video morning. Depending on how much sherry Mr Waring had over lunch it could end up as a video afternoon as well. Eeeee I love Christmas, and I used to love those lazy school days in the lead up!


To be honest, things are not much more productive over here in Mayfair – the meetings have completely dried up, there are no calls and for at least the past 2 days everyone’s been in a sluggish egg-nog haze. We’ve got an incredible spread of mince pies, boozey panettones and chocolates spilling out of the kitchen and I’m hoping a few corks might pop this afternoon… I usually hate it when it’s this quiet, but it’s absolute heaven at the moment because it’s beginning to look so much like Christmas.


What’s brilliant as well is that Priscilla’s definitely in the same headspace as me, so the pressure has eased off until the New Year. She’s having a lovely old time of it, she’s raided Claire’s Accessories and is now the proud owner of the most horrendous collection of novelty Christmas earrings – I so wish you could see them! My favourite are today’s giant dangly felt Rudolfs that clash spectacularly with her hot pink cardi. I’ve never seen her looking so excited it is pretty adorable! I have warned her though not to lean over any candles at dinner with those polyester babies on, what with her generous application of hair spray it could be catastrophic! 


Just dashing off to Oxford Street for the last few pressies now, so wish me luck! Nothing like a tug of war with a stranger over the last tasteful scarf in the store to get you in the Christmas spirit!


Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas – I’ll be off for the next two weeks so have the best time! Catch up in 2016 xx 

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