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London Temp recruitment placements double post the Brexit vote.

RMS Recruitment has seen strong demand for temporary positions post the June vote and takes a look at the impact of Brexit on temp agencies in London.

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Dust settles and business as usual

As the dust from the Brexit vote starts to settle and we make the most of a late burst of good weather, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on how the job market has changed in London in the last couple of months, and what impact that is likely to have on your job prospects coming into the last quarter of 2016.


The first and most important thing is to recognise that it’s not all doom and gloom. Many commentators had forecast a recession in the event of a leave vote, as well as a sharp drop in employment numbers, and whilst it’s still early days, there seems to be a growing recognition that the PODs (profits of doom!) may have been far too negative in their forecasts.


Reason for cautious optimism

Clearly there is still plenty of uncertainty around, and that is likely to persist for some time to come, but recent data from the Office for National Statistics showed that the jobless claimant count for July actually fell, confounding the majority of economists who had forecast a rise in unemployment. Equally the number of economists forecasting a recession has fallen dramatically, and now the general consensus seems to be that whilst we will still see a slowdown in growth, we are unlikely to slip into negative territory.


Huge increase in demand for temps


So what does this all mean for RMS Recruitment and their staff and candidates? Given the uncertainty that is around it is probably unsurprising that we have seen a reduction in permanent placements, but that has been more than offset by a sharp increase in demand for temporary placements, where we have seen a whopping 50% increase since May! Many of those temp positions are being transferred to permanent contracts and we think it’s a great time to be considering a change. We have a record number of vacancies being registered and many clients that are still looking for the right people to help drive their businesses forward are struggling to fill their roles.  Now could be the moment to take advantage of their confidence and find yourself a new position.


Clients prefer to “road-test” temps

Temp Recruitment agencies in London are often seen as a bellwether for the market in general, and if our experience post Brexit is anything to go by there are plenty of reasons for cautious optimism over the coming months. Clients are still hiring, but the trend towards the temp market over the last few months indicates that employers are “road testing” more candidates before they offer a permanent position - this is no bad thing and gives you the candidate a better chance to show them what you’ve got - taking some of the pressure off that first interview and equally enables you to check out what the job and people are really like on a daily basis.


If you’re thinking about taking advantage of the current market and the opportunities available for bright and motivated candidates, then give us a call on 0207 518 9170 and we’ll be delighted to discuss the positions that we have open on our books. Alternatively, contact us at info@rmsrecruitment.com  for details of temp jobs which may result in a permanent placement. 

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