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Is James Bond's Miss Moneypenny the Ultimate Secretary?

As Spectre launches this week, we ask whether Moneypennny is the ultimate Secretary? Moneypenny has been through various transformations during the Bond films and we welcome her latest reincarnation as kick-ass Secretary to M, played by Naomie Harris.

RMS Moneypenny

 These aspects of Moneypenny’s role certainly elevate it to Super Secretary in our view:

  • Secretary to the Head of MI5 and therefore responsible for national security. You probably wouldn’t be leaving the filing cabinet unlocked.
  • Complete discretion at all times – if not, you could be charged with treason. Not sure that one’s going to tribunal.
  • If you screw up, your boss might die. No, really (if Moneypenny had been in charge of organizing the safe house in Skyfall, M would definitely still be alive).
  • You must resist the charms of the agents passing through your office; easier said than done when it’s Daniel Craig – you would, wouldn’t you?
  • Christmas card list edits every year when agents don’t return from assignments.  (Gives extra meaning to the  “File” “Delete” instruction).
  • Scheduling your boss’s day needs to take account of terrorist uprisings in 3rd world countries (does Outlook cover that?)
  • Organising MI5’s Christmas party might prove challenging (sourcing a discreet location serving Vodka Martinis somewhere 5 miles beneath the Thames.)
  • Office wear needs to look good with a gun holster.
  • Pressing the wrong key on the computer might start another world war.

 We love Spectre’s Moneypenny - no longer the sex object in the office but a feisty foil to 007’s charms.  To find your role as the next Super Secretary, visit our Jobs page for all our secretarial jobs at www.rmsrecruitment/candidates

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