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The impact of Brexit on recruitment

Following the result of the EU referendum, many are asking what will happen to the process of looking for jobs and looking for suitable candidates to fill those jobs. Although it is clear there will be a period of uncertainty, there are certain reasons candidates and clients will see no noticeable change within the recruitment industry. 

As the dust settles following the EU referendum, questions are now being asked about the impact the UK’s eventual exit from the European Union will have on the recruitment industry.

Some have predicted a negative effect on recruitment following Britain’s decision to begin the process to leave the EU. There was a period of uncertainty leading up to the 23rd of June within the labour market and that period looks set to continue. 

No immediate change for recruitment

Brexit will take a minimum of two years to complete and that’s assuming the next Prime Minister activates Article 50 immediately. There are extensive negotiations that must take place regarding trade, free movement of people and many other issues, before Brexit is truly confirmed. This may or may not have direct effects on PA recruitment in and out of the UK.

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With so much uncertainty within the recruiting industry there is certain to be an increase in the demand for temporary work, particularly in London, as companies implement hiring ‘freezes’. What’s clear, however, is that there has been no immediate change within the labour market since the vote took place. 

The Institute of Directors published the results of a survey that showed 71% of members asked would keep all of their UK operations ongoing. Key industries such as property, finance and fashion are, in the short-term, likely to see no change to their recruitment processes.

One online recruitment specialist believes there may now be less competition for employment, particularly from EU workers as they may now look to avoid the UK This will make the pressure for candidates even greater for clients looking for top talent. Building a relationship with a reputable recruitment agency with access to the best candidates is vital in a candidate driven market. Some companies will advise their recruiters of their future plans and predicted job openings as far in advance as six months to ensure they do not miss out on the best candidates, who can be snapped up within days of registering with a good recruitment agency. 

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The process of looking for a job hasn’t changed because of the EU referendum but the speed at which companies need to act on CVs, interviews and job offers has changed as the demand for the best candidates increases. Likewise, candidates need to be clear about their job move and ready to accept the right offer as jobs may become limited. RMS Recruitment can personalise your job search and offer support and advice to help you land that PA or secretarial job in London. To see how we can find you that perfect position register with RMS Recruitment today.

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