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How to be honest with a recruitment company and still get top PA jobs

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How honest are you when it comes to interviews at your recruitment company? Did you tell your last interviewer about your Bridget Jones moment when you entered the boardroom after a loo break with your knickers tucked in your skirt?

Joking aside, at RMS Recruitment, we believe that honesty is key to the relationship between candidate and consultant and only when that trust exists can the best match between client and candidate be made. It is human nature to omit elements of our work history which don’t show us in the best possible light but there are many instances where it pays to be up front about your experiences, personal priorities and likes or dislikes. 

While we are not suggesting that you need to reveal your secret fantasy of working for Justin Bieber, here are a few examples of how to be honest and still shine: 

  • If you left your previous job on bad terms, the reference might not be all that glowing, so offering insights as to why that job didn’t work out and accepting partial responsibility will show your consultant that you have learned from the experience.
  • Try not to criticise individuals at your previous companies but describe why the culture  didn’t suit you and be able to outline the kind of company culture where you have thrived or think you would thrive.
  • If you find it difficult working for multiple managers, say why you like working for one boss! There are plenty of PA jobs working for a single manager. 
  • If you are returning to work following maternity leave and need a gentle transition back to work with fixed hours, your consultant will understand and match you with a less demanding role where the hours are regular.
  • If you are ambitious and want to use a secretarial job as a stepping stone to a more senior role in the company, your consultant will work with you to find a role in a company where there is a history of career progression. 

Remember that your consultant is trying to find the best match between you and their client. Trying to be all things to all people at interview will not achieve this! In fact the more specific you can be (while being open to suggestions) the easier it will be for your recruitment consultant to match you to the right job. Be prepared for honest feedback from your consultant too! For a more open interview experience, contact RMS Recruitment via www.rmsrecruitment.com 

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