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Do Secretarial jobs in London earn as much as equivalent PA jobs?

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The good news is yes they do, but it is increasingly rare to see a job advertised as a secretarial role without some embellishment (think Team Secretary). Type in PA Jobs London into a Google search engine and over 94 million results appear. Type Secretarial jobs London into Google’s search engine and there are less than 2 million search results. Could the relative rarity of secretarial roles actually mean the remuneration is greater?

Huge increase in secretarial roles earning >£50k

Top recruitment agencies in London think so: at the beginning of the year, PA Life reported on the big increase in secretarial or office admin roles commanding salaries over £50k, to be precise a massive 200% increase! They also reported that entry-level roles for secretarial jobs tended to start on salaries of £25k last year, the highest on record.


Versatility is prized

Perhaps employers are finally waking up to the incredible versatility often demonstrated by those in secretarial roles. Further research this year showed that secretaries were most likely to gain further skills through education or training during career breaks than other professions.


Wider exposure valued

Seasoned office support staff also know that secretarial roles can often involve interacting with a wider range of people in the company than a PA, who is often wedded (literally!) to a particular manager where they are exposed to the mood and stress of that individual.

Still not convinced? Just take a look at the secretarial jobs available at leading recruitment agencies in London.

Source: PA Life, A Big Increase in the Number of Secretarial/Admin Jobs paying £50k, 28th January 2016

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