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Clients advised to adapt their job offers to secure best PA candidates

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Job acceptance criteria

In much the same way that candidates massage their CVs to suit a particular job, employers need to have a clear idea of what their top candidates will be expecting to see in a job offer. One of the first things to identify will be the necessary “job acceptance criteria”. Candidates who have multiple job offers on the table will have a very specific set of criteria that will determine whether or not they accept an offer, and the better you are at identifying those “deal-breakers” up front the better chance you have of securing the right candidate, according to top recruitment agencies in London.

Candidate input vital

One of the quickest ways to achieve this is to ask candidates at the start of the process to list the characteristics of their dream job and to incorporate them in the job description as your search continues - this will give you the best chance of tailoring the recruiting and closing process so that you can provide the candidates with the right decision making information to take the job.

Identify the right communication channels

Identify candidates preferred method of communication. With the digital landscape moving so quickly it can be all too easy to get left pushing job listings through the wrong channel. As part of the post interview process it is important to ask candidates about how they prefer to see job offers posted and which mediums they are most responsive to.

Information needs

Instead of making the job interview a completely one-sided affair ask your top candidates what they expect, who they need to talk to, and what specific information they need before they can take the decision to accept an offer.

Learn from refusals

Make sure that the candidates are asked about the factors that influenced their decision making process. This will allow you to reinforce the positive elements and look at ways of increasing the impact of the more neutral elements.

The secret to success when it comes to securing top candidates is research, flexibility, and finding the right recruitment agency to work with. RMS Recruitment recognises that clients have many choices when it comes to selecting their PA recruitment partner in London, and that is why RMS Recruitment continually strive to make sure that we offer our partners the best possible selection of candidates, and advised on how to secure an acceptance from their preferred candidate. RMS Recruitment London is happy to give advice on competition, salary, benefits, employment contracts and job offers to ensure you win the best PA candidate for your team.

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