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Boster Group employs RMS Recruitment for top Executive Assistant role

When independent consultancy Boster Group needed a top flight Executive Assistant to work for their Managing Director, Senior Account Executive Catriona Tyrwhitt knew just who to contact to help them recruit for this high profile Executive Assistant and Office manager role. We asked Catriona to explain the process from a client’s perspective….


What is your role at Boster Group and how long have you worked there?

I’ve been at Boster Group nearly six years working my way up from Executive Assistant to Managing Director Susan Boster, to my current role as Senior Account Executive responsible for client relationship management.


What does Boster Group do?

In a nutshell, we create partnerships for leading corporations, luxury brands, cultural institutions and artists. But this means different things for different clients. We work with a diverse range of companies, crafting partnerships which will deliver a bespoke platform for attracting and engaging target clients, influencers and employees.


Why did you decide to work with a recruitment agency and how did you come to work with RMS Recruitment?

We had previously handled the recruitment process internally but it is incredibly time-consuming defining and advertising the role then sorting through candidate CVs to find the perfect match. I had heard good things about RMS through my own network of contacts and a former colleague, Lucy Byrne, had recommended RMS and in particular, their consultant Laura.


What was the role?

We needed to find an Executive Assistant for the MD, the role I had started in five years earlier! We wanted to work with a skilled PA recruitment agency as the job encompassed two roles as Executive Assistant to the MD and also Office Manager. Not only would the successful candidate be a highly organised multi-tasker in a busy office environment, but they would also have a high level of interaction with our clients. We needed someone with excellent communication skills who would be happy to be involved with every aspect of our business. More importantly we wanted someone with a genuine enthusiasm for the arts, who would be excited to be part of that world.


Why did you like working with RMS Recruitment?

Laura, my consultant at RMS, understood immediately what Boster Group did and quickly grasped the type of candidate we were looking for. We are exceptionally picky about our employees and RMS were able to present a higher quality of candidate. Not only that but they suggested candidates whom we might not have considered on paper, but who proved to be exactly the type of person we were looking for.

How did it differ from handling recruitment in-house?

The RMS consultants had an excellent understanding of the type of person we were looking for and provided helpful summaries of the candidate and their CV highlights. All the consultants we worked with at RMS were intelligent and friendly, working really hard to turn things around within a short space of time. It made the whole process a lot easier as they only sent us people who were the right fit.



How is the successful candidate working out?

Really well. Kate has been with us since June and is excelling in the role and fits in perfectly.


What would you say to other clients looking to recruit for Executive Assistant and PA jobs?

I would recommend using a good recruitment agency like RMS, particularly if you are a boutique firm like us and don’t have a department who manages recruitment internally. Laura found us someone within a matter of weeks. Having worked in recruitment myself, I definitely appreciated the fact that they listened to what we needed and worked hard to find us a good match. Unlike some other recruitment agencies, they didn’t just pull candidates off their database. I would definitely use RMS Recruitment again.

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