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"Are you ready with your elevator pitch?" ask London temp agencies

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You might reasonably ask “What is an elevator pitch when it’s at home?” Well as you probably guessed, there’s some good old Americanisation going on there, but if we were to call it a lift pitch it wouldn’t have quite the same impact would it?

So what are we talking about? Well in a nutshell the elevator pitch assumes that you get in the lift with your boss, or the boss of a company you’d love to work for, and you’ve got the time it takes to get to the top floor (say 30 secs to a minute) to sell yourself for that job you’re after.

Why an elevator pitch is even more important for temps

London temp agency, RMS Recruitment thinks a polished elevator pitch is essential for a temp looking to move to a permanent role within the same company.

However, be careful not to abuse your position. You are there to fill a temporary requirement and your own needs should be placed secondary to that. Successes come from a temp focusing on doing such an outstanding job that they are approached by the employer, not the other way round. At that point, an interesting and befitting response is essential to be noticed and offered a permanent role.

RMS Recruitment London’s Director Tessa Meadows-Smith advises temps to treat every booking as a permanent job. If you work as an ambassador you are more likely to get good references, more bookings and permanent offers and with the pitch up your sleeve to pull out in any social office environment where you’ve got a limited time to make an impact, it can often replace a formal interview.

How to prepare your elevator pitch

What’s required is that you succinctly state what your skills are and why the company needs them. You need to be concise and break it down into 4 key elements:

1. What is your key skill that you consistently do well?

2. Give an example of how you have utilised this skill in your current temp job.

3. What problem at the company could you solve if you were employed on a permanent basis?

4. Why would you like to solve the problem? What’s your motivation?

The VA Handbook provides a useful template as follows:

“I’m a (PA) who helps (who your usual employers are) with (what skills you offer) so they can (what using you gives them – more work done, time to focus on business development, management of a team).”

Delivering an elevator pitch

Once you’ve sorted out your pitch, don’t forget that how you say it is just as important as what you say:

Don’t forget to smile, look the other person in the eye, and give them a friendly handshake. All of this will help establish your sincerity, as well as inspiring confidence and understanding.

Be aware of your body language: maintain a nice open posture, (beware the dreaded crossed arms!), as this will help you come across as honest and approachable.

Be mindful of your expressions: you’re looking for enthusiastic and engaged rather than gushing!

This ability to sell yourself quickly and efficiently is an important life skill to develop and one that you shouldn’t take for granted. Prepare what you’re going to say using the list we’ve set out and then start practising it to yourself- admittedly you’ll feel pretty silly doing it but that extra bit of preparation could make all the difference when the opportunity arises for you to make your pitch-after all these chances won’t come along very often so the smoother and more natural you sound the better. At the end of the day remember that you are your own brand-and also your best PR agent-if you can’t sell yourself why should you expect anyone else to be able to do it better?

As a temp agency in London we are committed to seeing you make the best of yourself and your opportunities, and we at RMS Recruitment London would be delighted to help if you want to discuss this or any other strategies that might help further your career.

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