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Are you a graduate with work experience looking for a change of job?

According to Guardian Careers, one in five graduates apply for jobs that don’t match their interests and unsurprisingly, a quarter of all graduates then do a U-turn and leave their jobs within a year of starting.

If you graduated in the last couple of years but have found you are not in your ideal job, don’t worry, you are in a great position to profit from the current employment climate. Find out why and read our tips on how to make the move to a job you do want.

RMS Recruitment London PA Jobs for Graduates

While some companies have been forced to cut more experienced roles, many are now looking to replace more expensive salaried roles by hiring graduates with 1 or 2 years’ experience. This is the most sought after group of candidates by companies looking to recruit for Executive PA jobs in London according to leading PA recruitment agencies.

Candidates who understand the ground rules of working in an office and have worked long enough to realise that the world doesn’t owe them a living simply for being a bright young thing with a piece of paper. As Tessa Meadows-Smith, Director at RMS Recruitment in London, describes it: “the sweet spot when a graduate is experienced enough to know their place but still enthusiastic and malleable enough to be trained”.

The other advantage for graduates making a job move at this time is that they now understand what truly motivates them to get up and go to work and it isn’t necessarily the salary.   pointed out, this younger generation of workers are not motivated by the same factors as previous generations, such as a job for life, but instead value work-life balance and a sense of purpose beyond financial success.

Our tips for making your next job move:

    1. Evaluate what elements of your current role you value – for example fast paced or slow and steady, young and fun co-workers or older mentors you can learn from. This will help guide you towards the types of industries where you will thrive.
    2. What is your personality type? Quiet and happy to conform or the office bull in a china shop with a voice which likes to be heard.
    3. What are your strengths? Do you like strategic roles with a focus on long term goals or are you more of a tactical thinking on your feet achiever?
    4. Consider an alternative route to a graduate training scheme.  Many graduates leave their first jobs after a year either because their values don’t match with the industry or company or because the daily reality of the job doesn’t meet their expectations.

Many graduates are finding the Executive PA job role a fantastic means of entry into a field they are passionate about. Most executive PA jobs in London pay more than a graduate entry position and the role itself provides access to senior management at a level not usually experienced on a graduate training scheme.  

It is important to find out inside knowledge on the happiness of the company’s employees before your feet are under the desk so ask for an opportunity to meet the team and do a little probing for yourself and sign up with a recruitment agency who you can trust to give you the unabridged version of a company’s track record with its staff. 

RMS Recruitment’s consultants know that finding the right fit is about delivering full and detailed assessments to candidates and clients to ensure there are no nasty surprises which could hinder the relationship growing and blossoming.  For more information about how we can help you make your next graduate job move into an Executive PA role in a dynamic industry, call RMS Recruitment on 0207 518 9170 or email info@rmsrecruitment.com .

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